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growing wholly or partially in water

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Those plants that have adapted to growth in water or in soil, which is at least periodically saturated or inundated, are often referred to as hydrophytic plants, or simply hydrophytes (USACOE 1987).
No literature had made any mention of hydrophytic orchids.
The areal coverage of hydrophytic vegetation within functional wetlands ranged 0% to 100%, with a mean of 46 [+ or -] 34% (mean [+ or -] SD; Table 1).
Highly ranked wetland and hydrophytic IF species such as Salix exigua Nutt.
A wetland site 1) has a predominance of hydric soils; 2) is inundated or saturated by surface or ground water at a frequency and duration sufficient to support a prevalence of hydrophytic vegetation typically adapted for life in saturated soil conditions; and 3) under normal circumstances does support a prevalence of such vegetation.
It has been previously determined that the area of study supports hydrophytic vegetation and has developed hydric soils; however, no investigations to date have determined the aerial extent or origin of the wetland area.
The process varies depending on the characteristics of the land being converted, but it typically includes removing existing topsoil and replacing it with hydric soils, removing existing vegetation and replacing it with hydrophytic vegetation, and altering existing hydrology to create anaerobic conditions.
Wetlands are generally defined on the basis of hydric soil, hydrophytic vegetation, and hydrology.
Common diagnostic features of wetlands are hydric soils and hydrophytic vegetation.
These are soils which are inundated with water long enough during the growing season to create an anaerobic soil condition which stimulates growth of hydrophytic vegetation.
And instead of the hydrophytic vascular plants normally found in wetlands, some wetland biota include primarily algae.
The delicate interdependencies among hydrophytic vegetation and animals are not fully known and therefore difficult to recreate.