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the property of being water-repellent

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Hydrophilicity is a key attribute in applications such as medical or microfluidic devices, where the hydrophobicity of silicone can pose problems.
A very high level of hydrophobicity (water bead contact angle with the surface is greater than 100 degrees) means that water is instantly shed, which is critical at certain operating frequency bands
For coatings where in-can stability is important, such as DIY paint, silicone and modified-silicone-type agents provide the longest stability due to their high hydrophobicity, followed by enhanced mineral oil types that will not wet out and become encapsulated by surfactants and therefore inactive.
The capability of biodegradation by a biosurfactant is probably due to the increase of cell surface hydrophobicity that allows direct contact between the cell and the hydrocarbon droplets [15].
This natural lipid is biocompatible and biodegradable, and it is usually used in the modification of the properties of polymers and drug carrying nanoparticles to create hydrophobic properties in them due to its hard molecular structure and high hydrophobicity.
Among the topics are the accessibility of gases and liquids in carbons, characterizing advanced physical adsorption by nanoporous carbons, hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity in carbons, adsorption by phosphorous-containing carbons, unique characteristics and applications of zeolite-tempered carbon, adsorption by soft-templated carbons, adsorption behaviors of graphene and graphene-related materials, the catalytic removal of water-solved aromatic compounds by carbon-based materials, carbon-based catalyst support in fuel cell applications, and novel carbon materials for adsorbing carbon dioxide.
However, it lost its hydrophobicity above 200[degrees]C because of the oxidation and degradation of vinyl groups.
In this study, Isabel Carvalho and her colleagues found that as the silver content of Ag-TiCN films increased from 0 to 15 percent, the surface roughness of the films decreased from 39 nm to 7 nm, while the hydrophobicity of the surface increased.
Because Clearitas has higher hydrophobicity than other oxidants, it works at the margins of the water system and disrupts the organics that hold scale together.
They have the rigid molecular structures and hydrophobicity that materials scientists know work well, he noted.
The additional layer in the rear-surface stack is said to enhance what, in Neva Max, was already the market's leading anti-reflective coating, offering smudge resistance, 99% transmission, dust repellence, hydrophobicity and 'the highest possible level of scratch resistance.
In this context, it was proven that introduction of fluorine-containing groups in the backbone or side chain of the polymer led to special characteristics of PIs, such as high hydrophobicity, low polarizability, small dipole, and oxidization-resistance (11), comparatively with fluorine-free PIs.
VORASIL(TM) SMP display hydrophobicity, UV stability and weatherability, high temperature stability, and oil and hydrocarbon resistance.
This study shows a dramatic reversal of unformulated curcumin, which passes through the gastrointestinal tract undigested due to hydrophobicity and insolubility at acidic pH.
However, there is paucity of information on hydrophobicity and changes in soil hydro-physical properties of burned vegetation, especially in southern Brazil, part of the Pampa biome where burning management is still prevalent.