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Synonyms for hydrophobic

lacking affinity for water

abnormally afraid of water


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3,4,5,6,7) Classifying the currently used foldable IOLs as hydrophobic and hydrophilic according to material properties revealed that hydrophilic IOLs have better uveal biocompatibility compared to hydrophobic ones.
A super hydrophobic coating is a nanoscopic surface layer that repels water.
Hydrophobic coatings can be easily applied over any substrate such as glass, metal, wood, and plastic irrespective of its composition and can also be applied to complex geometries.
Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has revealed that Samsung just acquired an exclusive license for a special type of technology that can be used to make the display panels of its smartphones hydrophobic.
United States-based Aphios has received a subcontract for the nanoformulation of a super hydrophobic anticancer drug administered through the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research in Frederick, Maryland, it was reported yesterday.
sup][10] Until date, there are mainly four types of IOL materials: Hydrophobic acrylic, hydrophilic acrylic, silicone, and PMMA.
Hydrophobic lid over the active site, in most of the lipases [6, 7], prevents the interaction of active site and the substrate.
The analytical results obtained from the investigation on dynamics of wetting on ultra-hydrophobic surfaces have been compared with the analytical results obtained from the investigation of the dynamics of wetting on hydrophobic surfaces.
The basis of this effect is hydrophobic surface nanoprojections or nanofibers.
After selecting the sequence [right arrow] Protein [right arrow] Kyte-Doolittle scale mean hydrophobicity profile analysis menus, the window size was set at 56 on the open window, the program was executed using Run Plot, and the hydrophobic peak values were read on the result figure.
Proline is known as a helix breaker in the protein structure and may be the proteolytic enzymes have less access to the hydrophobic sequence for further proteolysis.
Consequently, it is easy to turn textiles hydrophobic by coating them with an appropriate hydrophobic reagent [5].
MasterProtect C 350 hydrophobic coating is the latest addition to the MasterProtect line of protective coatings, part of BASF's Master Builders Solutions brand.
In Japan, hydrophobic precious metal catalysts manufactured from polymers have been used for heavy water refinement[6] at Advanced Thermal Reactor "Fugen Nuclear Power Station"[5].
Rather than the more common treatments to enhance the natural hydrophobic characteristics of polystyrene, these microplates are treated with a proprietary hydrogel.