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Synonyms for hydrophobic

lacking affinity for water

abnormally afraid of water


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This research believes that if cost challenges can be overcome, hydrophobic materials based on carbon nanotubes (CNTs) will lead to a new generation of high-performance "superhydrophobic" materials.
Part 5 1 lot a body with a hydrophobic surface treated, biconvex.
It is also anticipated that the hydrophobic platinum catalyst manufacturing technology used for this catalyst could be applied to a wide range of fields other than nuclear fusion research.
In a paper recently published in Nature Chemistry, the team made molecules that consist of four hydrophobic alkyl chains connected by phosphate groups to a DNA strand.
Average values of contact angles for untreated, hydrophobic, and hydrophilic and corresponding standard errors were plotted.
Generally, the polymers have a lower LCST than their unmodified analogues because they have within their structure hydrophobic groups that decrease the affinity of the polymer by the solvent, therefore, it follows that the incorporation of hydrophobic groups decreases the LCST, whereas the hydrophilic groups increase the LCST (21].
Then they created a partially hydrophobic condition on the surface of the nanoparticle, causing it to interact with the partially hydrophobic nisin molecules.
The inner side of front or rear waist region constituting the disposable diaper is covered with a hydrophobic sheet and the sweat-absorbent sheet is bonded to the inner surface of the hydrophobic sheet.
7,625,149 is for a pen-shaped applicator containing a hydrophobic composition for application to various surfaces.
Coatings and speciality products company PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG) on Monday announced the availability of the easy-to-use hydrophobic coating kit for operators of general aviation aircraft, to temporarily restore windshield rain repellency in the field.
Higher hydrophobic cosolvent levels improved early blush resistance.
Melbourne, Feb 8 (ANI): The unique water-repelling ability of termites might help scientists from James Cook University in Townsville in developing new hydrophobic materials.
The oleophobic properties provide a resistance to o[I, causing it to 'bead up' in the same way that water does with hydrophobic properties.
of California at Santa Barbara) presents a text intended to aid in the quantitative understanding and prediction of the transport of sediments and hydrophobic contaminants in surface waters.