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Synonyms for hydrophobia

a symptom of rabies in humans consisting of an aversion to swallowing liquids

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a morbid fear of water

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an acute viral disease of the nervous system of warm-blooded animals (usually transmitted by the bite of a rabid animal)

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As the disease progresses, more specific symptoms appear, including insomnia, anxiety, confusion, slight or partial paralysis, excitation, hallucinations, salivation, difficulty in swallowing, hydrophobia, and seizures.
On the day of admission, the patient had aerophobia, hydrophobia and drooling of saliva, all of which worsened progressively.
Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy.
Besides that, associations of CS with other syndromes are described, such as catatonic syndrome [18], malignant neuroleptic syndrome [19], lycanthropy [20], hydrophobia [21], and capgras syndrome [22, 23].
Chaudhury, "Determination off the hydrophobia interaction energy-application to separation processes," Separation Science and Technology, vol.
Though, more than twenty thousands of Indians die from hydrophobia alone annually, but neither Public Health Veterinarians have been involved nor any National Rabies Control Programme has yet been initiated by Government of India (GOI).
He is patron saint of Paris and France and many more places besides, plus frenzy, strife, hydrophobia, possessed people, rabies and, not surprisingly, headaches.
Rabies shows excessive motor activity, hydrophobia, and excitation/agitation.
In this version for Cinderella, in addition to Buttons and the Brokers' Men (Pinch and Kissem), the radio--more often known then as the wireless--has a speaking role, and Hydrophobia, an Ugly Sister, appears at the payoff line.
44 (48%) students knew that hydrophobia and aerophobia are the symptoms of rabies in the human beings, 20 (22.
Mortality rates from rabies or hydrophobia were comparatively low in nineteenth century Britain, but the horror of the symptoms which could transform sane, upright pillars of the community into brutish, hallucinating monsters, violently shunning the sight of water, was instrumental in encouraging the government to take action to eradicate this disease.
There are two types: furious rabies, which accounts for four out of five cases, involves the victim exhibiting aggressive behavior such as thrashing out or biting, excessive production of saliva and hallucinations; and dumb or paralytic rabies, which involves the victim losing sensation, hydrophobia (fear of water) and muscles spasm.
The leaves and branches are used as a cooling medicine, while fresh plant juice is applied on eczema, plant is also very useful in gout, hydrophobia, tumor, pain and swelling.
The use of female subjects in French medical and experimental practice certainly inspired an entire body of literature by feminists, whereupon ovariotomies were compared with the cutting of live animals, and research on hysteria with the experiments related to hydrophobia.
Nikitin Dheer, who has a strong hydrophobia, is expected to face his fears in the upcoming episode.