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having a strong affinity for water

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3,4,5,6,7) Classifying the currently used foldable IOLs as hydrophobic and hydrophilic according to material properties revealed that hydrophilic IOLs have better uveal biocompatibility compared to hydrophobic ones.
Caption: Monthly mean AM3 simulated (a) Arctic BC column burdens, (b) total meridional BC flux into the Arctic, (c) hydrophilic fraction of Arctic BC, and (d) wet deposition efficiency of hydrophilic BC in the Arctic.
Reviewing the data, however, a UTI risk reduction associated with hydrophilic coating of 20% seems to be present in both these articles based on the same two randomized controlled studies (Cardenas & Hoffman, 2009; De Ridder et al.
The global hydrophilic coating market is expected to be worth USD 12.
Experimental Determination of Effectiveness of Hydrophilic Coating for Evaporators," SAE Int.
The solution includes potassium ions; rubidium ions; calcium ions; zinc ions; magnesium ions; bromide ions; counterions selected from the group consisting of citrate, chloride, bromide, sulfate, hydroxide, bicarbonate, carbonate, phosphate, lactate, glutamate, acetate and combinations thereof; and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier that is a water or aqueous solution of a hydrophilic polymer.
The investigators determined the antioxidant activity of the hydrophilic, lipophilic and free-soluble phenolic extracts, containing freely solvent-soluble antioxidants, and the antioxidant activity of insoluble-bound phenolic extracts, which represented the phenolic fraction ester-linked to insoluble cell wall polymers.
The last of the new catheter offerings is the Teleflex Rusch FLOCATH QUICK Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter.
2002 found that hydrophilic treatment of fin surfaces caused up to 20% degradation in the heat transfer performance.
Hydrophilic Pebax MV1074 SA 01 MED polymer is suitable for use in minimally invasive devices that are exposed to bodily fluids for less than 30 days, such as surgical tubing.
maker of lubricious Hydak hydrophilic coatings introduced three new hydrophilic coatings for medical devices to its lineup.
Commercially available antifogging liquid, such as a hydrophilic activator, decreases the surface tension of water droplets, forcing the water to flatten out over the surface and preventing droplets from forming.
7,975,726 for systems and methods associated with using a hydrophilic material as part of a liner assembly to seal a main/lateral pipe junction.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A group of Iranian researchers at Shiraz University and Malek Ashtar University in Isfahan in cooperation with colleagues from Hokkaido University, Japan, managed to synthesize titanium dioxide nanocoatings possessing hydrophilic self-cleaning properties at ultra-violet-free places.
The researchers separated the rats into a control group, an olive oil group, and 6 groups that were exposed to the herbicide '2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid' with or without either whole olive oil, or one of two oil extracts - the hydrophilic fraction or the lipophilic fraction.