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the internal and external use of water in the treatment of disease

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Hydropathy plot of porcine GLUT2 (Figure 3) showed that the distribution pattern of its hydrophobic and presumed membrane spanning (TM) segments are similar to the proposed secondary structure of GLUTs, a 12-helix model (Figure 2).
Dr Thomas Meikle, a fan of hydropathy, founded the institution in 1868 to promote a lifestyle containing strong moral and dietary fibre.
4% by frequency), and are all predicted to have a number of typical hydrophobic regions identified by Kyte and Doolittle hydropathy analyses (Gasteiger et al.
Hydrotherapy, which was once known as hydropathy, or the water cure, was first documented in the fifth century BC by the Greek physician Hippocrates, widely considered 'the Father of Medicine'.
A hydropathy plot does not show any stretches of hydrophobic amino acids.
Also called hydropathy and aquatic therapy, hydrotherapy literally means using water in the treatment of disease.
His treatment attempts (chloride of gold, phosphate of zinc, strychnine, nitrate of silver, hydropathy, belladone, arsenic, ergot of rye, bromide of potassium, galvanic and faradic stimulation) were of poor value.