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the internal and external use of water in the treatment of disease

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Prescriptions involving fatty foods and foods containing lots of albumen were legitimately recommended, along with hydropathic treatment (including ablutions, rubbing down, sponge baths, and sea or river bathing), electric massage, electric baths, and medicines such as quinine, ergotin, zinc, arsenic, phosphates, and opiates.
Lane's delightful hydropathic establishment at Moor Park.
The hotel - formerly known as the Sands and before that the Grand - was purchased in 2004 by a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Hydropathic Hotel, Pitlochry.
Peebles Hydro, or hydropathic to give it it's full name, proved to be the very tonic.
Substitution of Leu with Gln at aa 440 of loop 2, which dramatically affects the hydropathic character of this region, was also observed in 12 Korean Ad7 strains.
Extended quantitative structure-activity relationships for 80 aromatic and heterocyclic amines: structural, electronic, and hydropathic factors affecting mutagenic potency.
23) Mark Foy opened his hydropathic and tourist establishment in July 1904.
8) After Tennyson stopped his hydropathic treatment for epilepsy in 1848, Martin notes, "He also began referring openly, for the first time, to his own trances, which he ascribed either to gout or to his passing voluntarily into an extra-sensory state through a form of self-hypnotism or meditation" (p.
Design diverse but representative practical combinatorial libraries * Streamline optimization of lead compounds within a protein active site * Compute topological index descriptors based on molecular structure * Analyze molecular hydropathy and hydropathic interactions * Perform rapid molecular electrostatic calculations
West Kirby's New Hydropathic Hotel (35 minutes from Liverpool) was offering health treatments including a salt water plunge, massage and medical gymnastics.
It begins, "The year the Hydro Majestic Hotel failed as a hydropathic institute Harry Kitchings fell in love with the air and stayed.