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accumulation of urine in the kidney because of an obstruction in the ureter

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Hydronephrosis is the most common cause of chronic renal failure due to either calculus or non-calculus conditions.
It can help in measuring the size of kidneys and extent of renal damage, it can detect renal calculus and its size, hydronephrosis and its extent, any dilatation of pelvicalyceal system, or renal cystitis, abscess, calculus and residual post-voidal urine in bladder or any changes in renal parenchyma.
Women with antenatal hydronephrosis (grade 2 or above), before 32 completed weeks of gestation and 20-40 years of age were included.
Predictive role of preoperative hydronephrosis on poor pathological outcomes and prognosis in upper tract urothelial carcinoma patients: Experience from a nationwide high-volume center in China.
An ultrasound was considered abnormal if there was documented presence of renal or ureteric stone and/or unilateral hydronephrosis.
Professor Arnaud Wattiez, Gynaecology Consultant at Latifa Hospital said the patient's ureter swelled three times its original size due to hydronephrosis, which means that a ureter and the renal pelvis (the connection of the ureter to the kidney) are overfilled with urine.
Physiologic hydronephrosis occurs in 90% of pregnant patients and is most often asymptomatic, but has been a reported cause of abdominal pain.
Conclusion: Giant hydronephrosis may be detected at an advanced age with nonspecific complaints such as wasting distention and fank pain.
Studies that used a multivariate analysis of potential predictors of obstruction noted an association between spontaneous stone passage and degree of hydronephrosis, although this association was not present for other secondary signs of obstruction.
Bilateral hydronephrosis due to vaginal-urinary bladder agenesis may be considered a very rare case recorded in kid (Fig.
There was one malformation in the control group, a girl born with hydronephrosis.
respectively), both isolates were considered as true uropathogens due to the concomitant presence of renal tract anatomic anomalies (moderate hydronephrosis and VUR degree IV, respectively).
Noncontrast CT of abdomen and pelvis demonstrated an enlarged renal allograft with moderate hydronephrosis and trace pelvic free fluid (Figure 1(a)).
US revealed moderate to severe hydronephrosis of the transplanted kidney with nonvisualization of the distal ureter, and no bladder abnormalities.