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accumulation of urine in the kidney because of an obstruction in the ureter

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Among these 10 patients, the option to terminate the pregnancy was offered in 6 cases, including 3 cases with signs of infravesical obstruction (PUV) with poor prognostic factors and developed anhydramnios as well as 3 cases with unilateral hydronephrosis showing increased echogenicity in the contralateral kidney and accompanying anhydramnios.
Repeat CT scan showed an enlarging RSH compressing the urinary bladder and left ureter as well as increased hydronephrosis and concern for intravesicular hematoma (Fig 1a-1c).
In this case also crossing my fingers that the current hypertension is somehow related to the earlier hydronephrosis.
Additional findings like renal cyst, stone or hydronephrosis were also recorded.
The kidney involved by diffuse XGP is typically enlarged with hydronephrosis, pelvic calculi, or some other conditions such as congenital type obstruction, radiation fibrosis, and carcinoma of the ureter.
Upper abdominal ultrasonography revealed a grade 1 hydronephrosis in the right kidney secondary to external compression of the right ureter by the pelvic cystic mass (Figure 2 a-b).
Hydronephrosis can occur in people of any age but it is increasingly being diagnosed in unborn babies, where the baby's swollen kidney is detected by using a routine ultrasound test that is given to all pregnant women.
The book is most relevant to emergency physicians; however, the ability to perform a FAST scan, perform limited echocardiography, identify abdominal aortic aneurysms, determine bladder volume and seek hydronephrosis is important to intensivists.
His condition, known as hydronephrosis, is worrying for Machaela and partner Steven Dobson, 21.
Upon receipt of a verbal report from the radiologist that the CT scan showed extensive pneumatosis, small bowel ileus, air in the portal venous system and mild hydronephrosis, Dr.
Wojcik's clinical interests include hypospadias, pediatric hernia/hydroceles, undescended testes, recurrent urinary tract infections, dysfunctional voiding issues, neuropathic bladder, fetal and childhood hydronephrosis, ureteropelvic junction obstruction and ureteral abnormalities.
His medical history included premature birth at 32 weeks' gestation and neonatal stridor and hydronephrosis, both of which resolved spontaneously.
The purpose of this study is to improve the results of treatment of congenital hydronephrosis complicated by obstructive pyelonephritis in children by means of early surgical correction of the malformation that causes hydronephrosis and to increase the efficiency of antibacterial therapy through applying intratissue diadynamophoresis of antibiotics and urine sanitation with ozonized solutions.
On initial presentation to the emergency room, the patient had fever and flank pain consistent with a ureteral obstruction (due to a bladder tumor) and associated hydronephrosis that had required previous placement of a pericuta-neous nephrostomy tube.
5 cm in length, with some thinning of the renal cortex, but there was no evidence of hydronephrosis or other abnormality.