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the measurement of specific gravity

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In the agency's north region, there were 11 vacancies including two hydrometry posts; a special enforcement assistant; two planning officer roles and a business planning assistant team member - and technical support were not being recruited.
Soil texture was determined by a hydrometry technique (Bouyoucos 1963), and the soils were not completely dried according to the method for Andosols (Silvia Sanchez, pers.
The measure of impedance (or one of its component vectors, resistance and reactance) is usually combined with height, weight, age and/or sex in a regression equation based on comparison with a criterion technique (usually hydrometry or underwater weighing) (5).
Urine hydrometry is a method to test urine specific gravity by using a hydrometer suspended in a graduated vessel.
Soil pH was determined in a 2:1 water:soil mixture and particle size analysis (percentage sand, silt, and clay) by Bouyocous hydrometry.
But the principles of hydrometry can be applied in some surprisingly sophisticated ways.