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of or relating to hydrometry


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For example, we present the Barlad river basin area controlled at Vaslui hydrometric station that has order 7 in Horton-Strahler system, with an area of 1537 [km.
Bids are invited by June 29 for supply, installation and operation of 14 Hydrometric Stations in 10 Priority Basins (BIEN08-L).
a newly-formed company marketing Jomac Ryno and Jomac HydroMetric roller material as well as Jomac spill control products.
For instance, almost all of the hydrometric data network in South Korea is monitored remotely in real-time via a pervasive wireless network, supplemented by satellite-based communication networks.
Hydrometric methods were used to evaluate the proportion of rainfall becoming surface runoff, surface runoff discharges, and the hydrological processes occurring in the buffers.
Taxonomy for WRIS Domain Objects Hydroecological Objects HydroComp Basin Watershed River Channel Acuifer Lake Reservoir Depression storage Glacier Flood Plain Soil (TE) Vegetation (TE) Acuatic species (AE) Human Activity Objects UseComp: Astraction --Discharge--Effect TecnoComp: Central, Treatment Plant, Perforation Atmospheric Variables ClimVar Precipitation Temperature Humidity Wind Solar Radiation Atmospheric Pressure Snow Hydrologic Variables HydroVar Flow Water Level Environmental parameter Sediment Measurements Objects Hydrometric Station Control Section Sensor Measurement Observation
The report has proposed the formation of a cooperation mechanism for sustainable management of water resources between the five countries, exchange and calibration of hydrometric data, development and dissemination of new technologies, among other measures.
AGT International and YRCC will jointly utilize FEWS to collect local real-time hydrometric and dike stability data, analyze the rules of flood formation and movement, improve dike stability forecasting, predict future flood situations caused by possible dike failure, and send out flood warnings.
The service provides public weather information, monitors atmospheric and hydrometric conditions, and conducts research on climate, atmospheric science, air quality, water quantity, ice and related environmental prediction issues making it Canada's source of expertise in these areas.
By 1973, the GRCA had expanded its hydrometric system to include 10 rain gauging stations, 12 snow stations, six weather stations, and 20 stream gauges.
The province announced that water levels have surpassed historic highs in most parts of the Yangtze in Hubei, with the level at Jianli Hydrometric Station reaching 37.
Zarin (2005) investigated 28 hydrometric stations in Karoun and Karkheh basin and recognized the most effective elements, including mean precipitation, area, mean height, channel slope and Gravelius coefficient in minimum flow [8].
The number of control points at the hydrometric network amounted to (2,646) in 1990.
Especially, about hydrology that generally, just a few resources can be found inside and outside the country while the sample size in hydrologic studies is remarkably significant; especially, due to scarcity of hydrometric stations and the statistical length recorded in them.