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of or relating to hydrometry


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We extracted 542,092 flood events from January 2002 to August 2013, applying the above procedure to flow records from 6,301 USGS hydrometric stations in the CONUS area.
A review of BC's climate and hydrometric networks found them to be substantially smaller than the basic infrastructure suggested by the World Meteorological Organization.
summer's hydrometric survey of the Nelson River, partly due to my
Table 1 shows some basin aspects related to each hydrometric station drainage area; the transit time (tt) characteristics were obtained from the place the river leaves the Salvajina dam.
Flooding dynamics in a large low-gradient alluvial fan, the Okavango Delta, Botswana, from analysis and interpretation of a 30-year hydrometric record.
Data for three raingauges, namely Tangrah, Tamer, and Galikesh, as well as three hydrometric stations with the same names were used to determine the correlation between climate signals and rainfall and discharge of this basin.
The experiments included the measurement of soil texture via hydrometric method according to Stock's Law (the effect of mass and time on the collapse of soil particles) [9].
The three-day seminar includes 36 research working papers that will cover a number of themes on the urban construction, infrastructure, green spaces, public health, waste management, food safety, integrated water management, development of water resources, maintaining aflaj, water licenses, dams and the role of hydrometric monitoring.
Daily values of water temperature of Lake Peipsi in 2004-2012 measured at the Mustvee hydrometric station (58[degrees]50'N, 26[degrees]57'E) were obtained from the Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology of the Estonian Ministry of Environment.
Thus, a hydrometric diagram shows that the air contains a larger quantity of water vapors when it's hot than when it's cold.
Samples were analysed for pH, EC, SAR and cation exchange capacity (CEC) following methods described by US Salinity Staff (Richards, 1954), texture by hydrometric method and organic matter by Walky-Blake method of US Salinity Lab Staff, (Richards, 1954).
The data based on which the study herein was drawn up were the flow values measured at the Padureni hydrometric station on the Buhai River (the period 1980-2012), the Dorohoi station on the Jijia River (the period 1959-2012) and those on the Iezer reservoir, the climatologic and meteorological data (INHGA, 2010).
The data on suspended sediment concentrations during the floods were taken from the measurements at hydrometric posts (Vaikasas 2010).
The project objective is included in: - objectives of Reducing torrential Statistical data, Directive 2007/60/ phenomena, reducing hydrological and EC, the European rainfall intensity, meteorological Parliament and the reducing pollution forecast; The Council of 23 (water, air, soil) hydrometric October 2007 stations, mayors integrated in Regional Agency approach to Environmental floodrist management in hydro graphic basins; - CE/60/2000 WFD-objectives, the first European directive that promotes a new strategy and policy in water management at European level that ensures sustainable development, harmonization of socio-economic development with the capacity of the aquatic environment; - in Law no.