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a measuring instrument for determining the specific gravity of a liquid or solid

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The shaken drink measured between 45 and 46 proof on the hydrometer, which means it had an ABV of around 23 percent.
place the hydrometer gently into the sample at least 0.
Using the same hydrometer, repeat step 4 with the oil, vinegar, and syrup.
After the initial issuance of these new meters by the type commanders, each submarine will be required to have two of the new DMA35N's onboard as well as two old style hydrometers of each range for back-up purposes (one of these being a reference).
Day (1953) compared the pipette and hydrometer methods on suspensions of 13 soils.
You can test the strength of your existing fluid with a hydrometer, available from stores like Halfords and Motor World for around pounds 2.
She may have invented a kind of hydrometer and also wrote at least three major treatises, before her life was cut short by a mob of Christian monks.
In addition to the three above, the leading companies devoted mainly to water meters - Sensus, Neptune, Badger, Hydrometer Gruppe/Sappel and Arad are developing similar capabilities in the water sector.
Tenders are invited for Hydrometer Complete With Glass Barrel 260 Mm Long Cylindrical Hydrometer 180 Mm Long Graduated From 1.
When the (bulbed) hydrometer floats at a certain level, it's syrup," said Mr.
Customers include Motorola, Rolls-Royce, Freudenberg, Lockheed Martin, Ingersoll Rand, Hydrometer, Hi-P and ACCO Brands.
What is the function of a hydrometer insofar as wine-making is concerned?
Draw some wine out of the jug with a syringe and put it into your hydrometer tube, adding enough to float the hydrometer.
The spirit industry has taken steps over recent years to enable a licensee or an owner to detect and prevent authenticity fraud through the issue of dipstick test papers, but the question of 'added water' has been difficult to detect until now, unless the licensee has been able to use a hydrometer.