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undergo hydrolysis


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HT-SANE technology introduces the capability to develop high throughput enzyme assays for a large number of critical enzymes, specifically those that hydrolyze nucleoside triphosphates in their respective biochemical reactions.
Synthetic pyrethroid insecticides used on bed nets or for house spraying against malaria-infected mosquitoes seem safer for human health than DDT because humans and other mammals possess the ability to hydrolyze the pyrethroids rapidly and excrete them from the body (13-14).
It may be possible to partially hydrolyze alpha-lactalbumin using protease enzymes from Bacillus licheneiformis.
Microbial lactase can hydrolyze lactose in milk into glucose and galactose.
HFTA was formed by University of California, Berkeley, scientists who developed technology using nitric acid to hydrolyze biomass.
The process comprises hydrolyzing said mixture with an enzyme selected from the group consisting of Protease N, Alcalase, Savinase, ChiroCLEC-BL, PS-30, and ChiroCLEC-PC to stereoselectively hydrolyze predominantly one anomer to form a product wherein R.
The scientists injected the phosphonate esters into mice to elicit antibodies, which they hoped would not only bind to specific carboxylic esters but also enzymatically cleave or hydrolyze specific chemical bonds.
Two enzymes, Cryotin and Flavourzyme[R], were used to hydrolyze the protein isolate to 7.
For example, such a method may include the steps of: (a) contacting a lecithin material, which includes a phospholipid component and a triglyceride component, in an aqueous or organic solvent medium, with a first enzyme effective to hydrolyze the phospholipid; and (b) subsequently contacting the product of step (a) with a second enzyme, effective to hydrolyze the triglyceride; under reaction conditions effective to inhibit esterification of the hydrolyzed phospholipid with released fatty acids.