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a chemical reaction in which water reacts with a compound to produce other compounds

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Some process parameters, such as type of hydrolyzing enzyme, substrate protein, degree of hydrolysis (DH), substrate pretreatment, and environmental conditions are considered as the key points to a successful hydrolysis [14].
The process steps comprise, in total, biomass digestion, hydrolysis, fermentation and separation processes.
It is generally accepted that endopeptidases like trypsin (Try) or chymotrypsin (Chy) initiate the hydrolysis of protein-releasing polypeptides that are further hydrolyzed by other endopeptidases yielding smaller polypeptides available for exopeptidases; Try hydrolyzes the peptide bond formed by the carboxylic side of lysine or arginine, whereas Chy at voluminous hydrophobic amino acids like tyrosine, tryptophan, or phenylalanine.
After biometrics, the guts and heads were removed, leaving only the carcass, from which samples of 300 g of muscles fillets were taken, for subsequent use in the hydrolysis assays.
The products of hydrolysis of collagen and proteins may depends upon the nature of protein as well as the reaction conditions including temperature, media and relative concentration of the acid or base [10, 11].
At a moisture level slightly above this range there will be no splay or foaming of the purge--again, because the water is consumed in the hydrolysis reaction of breaking the chains.
This can be done in two ways: acid hydrolysis and enzymatic hydrolysis.
Thus two stages pretreatment is started with acid hydrolysis followed by enzymatic hydrolysis.
Therefore, present study was contemplated to investigate effect of hydrolysis of proteins in Cheddar cheese whey on growth of lactic acid bacteria.
The key step in the utilization of cellulose is its hydrolysis into monomeric sugars with enzymatic hydrolysis or chemical hydrolysis, and subsequent conversion into valuable chemicals and energy (Veeresh and Wu, 2014).
2) Formulated oximinosilane systems can sometimes be supplied as a one-component system because the oximinosilane is more resistant to hydrolysis.
Thus, a common strategy used to obtain PVA is to first synthesize a raw material and then promote a suitable chemical modification reaction, such as an alkaline hydrolysis (saponification) or a transesterification reaction (alcoholysis) [17-19].
All the biological reactions involving formation and hydrolysis of these phosphate esters and polyphosphates are affected by enzyme catalysis.
Tayyebeh Fattahi Mei-abadi, one of the researchers, explained about the advantages of this method over the usual methods, and said, "In this project, spherical cellulose nanoparticles were produced from waste cotton fibers through enzyme hydrolysis and ultrasound methods.