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the branch of geology that studies water on the earth and in the atmosphere: its distribution and uses and conservation

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First course in hydrology with similar emphasis on ground and surface water hydrology.
The Executive Engineer Hydrology Irrigation Division Peshawar could be contacted at 091-9212114, 091-9211907 and Fax No.
Researcher Mike Harris, from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, said: "This March's wreck has clearly had a serious effect on the puffins on the Isle of May but, perhaps surprisingly, numbers are very similar to the last count in 2009.
The basic concepts and fundamental aspects of hydrology and hydrologic processes remain, along with the methods and applications of the science.
R&M in Anchorage now offers a full spectrum of hydrology and hydraulics services in support of surface transportation, airport engineering, site development and industrial projects.
The National Institute of Hydrology recently claimed that gas leakage from an Oil and Natural Gas Commission well had led to groundwater spurting in Olpad.
It's new hydrology, new topographical information - a lot better information than what's currently on the map.
The UV reflection isn't as bright as the orangey light coming from the patch, but it's distinct, report Francois Mougeot and Beatriz Arroyo of the Center for Ecology and Hydrology in Banchory, Scotland.
The Center for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) has deployed Verity Ultraseek enterprise search software to provide a comprehensive method to search for and retrieve information on its public Web site (http://www.
But it is possible some jobs may be lost at Bangor university's ecology and hydrology site.
A more recent approach has been to simulate land surface wetness conditions by using a hydrology model.
Cory is coming from the NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in Oxford, U.
The trio learned about hydrology protocols and water testing for phosphate, nitrogen, oxygenation, transparency and pH.
Though wetland hydrology remains elusive, more is known now than was known in 1985.