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a geologist skilled in hydrology

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The job: I am a hydrologist for the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA).
Taylor, who supports preservation of forested land surrounding Amazon Creek's headwaters, says the city should employ its own geologists and hydrologists to scrutinize development applications in the area.
Hydrologists are analyzing GRACE data to identify possible trends in precipitation changes, groundwater depletion and snow and glacier melt rates, and to understand their underlying causes.
5 -- ran in SAC edition only) Soil scientist Jeff TenPas tests the soil as hydrologist Terry Henry checks their location on a map in the Sespe Wilderness.
The call has been made by local councillor Fidelma Healy Eames who claims that the local authority should have a hydrologist in the same way as it has a law agent.
The Associated Press (AP) recently reported that Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) hydrologist Rita Whitney has revealed that a ban instituted in 1999 on boats and personal watercraft equipped with two-stroke carburetor engines has resulted in an 80- to 90-percent decline in the amount of gasoline products released into Lake Tahoe.
It's pretty good news for the nation that despite the increasing need for water, we have been able to maintain our consumption at fairly stable levels for the past 15 years," said USGS chief hydrologist Robert Hirsch.
Vacationing hydrologist Robert Hawks, who has problems of his own, is drawn into the controversy.
Reza Savabi, a hydrologist with the ARS Subtropical Horticulture Research Station in Miami, Florida.
Stephen Terracciano, a USGS hydrologist from Coram, New York, reported on a Long Island pilot program begun in 2000 to monitor the fate of insecticides.
Graham, a hydrologist, has been appointed chair of the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department in the University of Florida's (UF) Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.
What we need now is on-site study of these lakes projected as dangerous ones, with focus on research that will help us make the right evaluation,'' said Arun Bhakta Shrestha, a hydrologist at the department.
Lecturers have included a forester for Idaho Fish and Game, a Forest Service hydrologist, and a wildlife expert from the Audubon Society.
Hunt is a hydrologist for the Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District, which manages the Trinity and Edwards aquifers in some parts of Hays and Travis County.