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the branch of geology that studies water on the earth and in the atmosphere: its distribution and uses and conservation

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Although BC is hydrologically extreme, water management, until recently, has been relatively uncontroversial with infrequent high profile conflicts over water allocation and availability except in areas of very low precipitation such as the Okanagan Valley.
Results of the dye study coupled with topography and physical observations confirm the presence of two very leaky hydrologically connected landscape units (Sun 1986; Winter 2001; Webster et al.
Meanwhile, hydrologically, the Nile basin, the Tigris and Euphrates basin and the Jordan River basin all suffered, and are still suffering from Israeli schemes that date back to the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, which resulted in Israel seizing over 40 percent of current Palestinian water resources, the ambassador said.
Unlike the mostly unaltered Econ proper, the Little Econ is extensively hydrologically altered, with substantial portions of the river channel canalized and interrupted by control structures.
As lower layers contain substantial micrite and other hydrologically significant carbonate morphologies, it is possible that this system is related to a currently active, albeit distant (>1 km), local spring that may have experienced intermittent flows of varying rates and emergence locations.
55) In order to have adaptive management of hydrologically connected ground and surface waters, a current inventory of available groundwater in an aquifer, its current replenishment rate, and its current rate of depletion--in contrast to historical levels of these elements--must be available to water management officials.
It is one of the most complex and sensitive systems in the world, not only hydrologically speaking but also in terms of the diversity of the countries it crosses, with their mosaic of cultural, linguistic, religious and historical backgrounds.
Recognizing the impact hydrologically separating the two basins could have on aquatic ecosystems, marine transportation and recreational fisheries in Canada, Ottawa believes they'll have a say in whatever final decision Washington makes.
The project, completed in 2012, was to created to reconnect former gravel mine ponds hydrologically to the Willamette River and to provide a rearing habitat for Chinook salmon.
Paleoclimatic implications of tufa were studied petrologically, hydrologically and sedimentologically (Chafetz & Guidri 1999, Riding 2002, Pedley 2009).