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the branch of geology that studies water on the earth and in the atmosphere: its distribution and uses and conservation

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Adopting so narrow a definition of what hydrologically linked waters are nontributary and thus excluded from surface water administration, if fully enforced, would guarantee no meaningful conflict between water rights claimants under the two competing property regimes.
individual states but through hydrologically defined areas such as the
The High Plains is, for practical purposes, hydrologically isolated, with a considerable annual overdraft of the ground-water supply.
As the ARIDFLO project is being run in some of the most hydrologically variable and poorly studied river systems, this local knowledge has a critical role in the project.
The bill would allow 666 acres of hydrologically important land in Everglades National Park to become a fully developed residential community.
At about 5000 BP, probably as a direct result of the monsoon shift, the most hydrologically fragile segments of the area (pediment, playas and dune field lakes) dried out, while the depletion of soil water reserves had been completed, at least locally, by about 3500 BP.
Idaho 2001) (holding that the CWA applies to groundwater that is hydrologically connected to surface water), with Umatilla Waterquality Protective Ass'n v.
Our more hydrologically active sites in the back did seem to conform to Haven's suggestion of dominance by small green algae; however, we also found more large diatoms in the areas with low light (in Nelumbo).
While this provides much needed water for the citizens of Los Angeles, the upper watershed is now hydrologically disconnected from the urbanized lower watershed.
A wetland was given a hydrologic manipulation score of 1 if no initial or ongoing physical manipulations of the hydrology were detected, 2 if it was hydrologically engineered at the time of construction by some form of an excavated basin, a dozier valve, stoplog, berm, or levee, or 3 if ongoing management of water depth was detected.
Testing challenge 2: Are lidar surface models hydrologically challenged?
The watershed protection approach is a place-based strategy that integrates water quality management activities within hydrologically defined drainage basins, or watersheds, rather than areas defined by political boundaries.
The Strait of Juan de Fuca, the sole connection of Puget Sound to the Pacific Ocean, is itself bounded by an inner and an outer sill, as well as the bathymetrically and hydrologically complex Georgia Strait to the north (Herlinveaux & Tully 1961).
The desire for the perfect fry is felt by the trout in north central Minnesota, where potato farms rely on groundwater that is very closely connected hydrologically to blue-ribbon trout streams.
The rivers differ hydrologically and the surrounding regions differ demographically and economically.