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study of fluids in motion

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Free Flow Power is pursuing approvals from State and Federal regulators led by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to install arrays of its hydrokinetic turbines at various locations in the Mississippi River that would provide enough power to represent a viable alternative to conventional power plants.
Free Flow Power is a clean renewable energy company focusing on hydropower, hydrokinetic and hydro pumped storage as reliable, cost-effective sources of electricity and grid stability.
He said there is interest in whether Girdwood, an outlying community of Anchorage, might benefit from an energy research and discovery center, because of its proximity to a steep valley for hydropower and to Cook Inlet's tidal range for hydrokinetic power generation.
Monty Worthington, Alaska project manager at the Anchorage Office of Ocean Renewable Power, has been working on a hydrokinetic power-generation project in which there is no dependency on dams or pipes, and costs are far less than expected.
I don't think there is a negative with this kind of hydrokinetic energy and wave-generating device.
It doesn't have the same capacity as a hydrokinetic device that dams up a river," he said.
Key elements of this sales plan include courses and seminars where dentists experienced with the Millennium demonstrate on patients the clinical benefits of Hydrokinetic technology for hard and soft tissue procedures without using needles or a drill.
aggressive in pursuing hydrokinetic energy as an addition to their
energy, and all hydrokinetic energy (including tidal), vary.
siting and approval of hydrokinetic energy projects was only recently
licensing agency for hydrokinetic energy and MMS will still have a role
implementing a hydrokinetic pilot project licensing process (27)
over all such hydrokinetic projects sited between three and twelve
FPA for hydrokinetic projects begins from the baseline and extends out
integrated and inclusive hydrokinetic licensing process if FERC will be