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of or relating to the science of hydrography


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The project is also expected to mobilize expertise and purchase technically sophisticated survey equipment and devices for the marine hydrographical surveys at the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba area.
The biological-pedological-geographical cover develops according to the geomorphological, climatic and hydrographical conditions.
Swami and Udhayakumar (2010) reported that the potential quality and quantity of fouling assemblages at a given site or environment depend on its biotic and hydrographical condition.
UMG provides its international customer base with one of the largest rental pools in the world to ensure that state-of-the-art solutions are readily available to clients to support varied applications such as geophysical and hydrographical, surveys, surface and underwater positioning and subsea inspection.
His Majesty in Council was graciously pleased to establish the Hydrographical Office, an avowed purpose was to supply the Royal Navy with good charts.
CARs are territorial units corresponding to either uniform ecosystem or a geopolitical, biogeographical or hydrographical unit.
This limitation usually does not significantly affect statistical properties of the basic hydrographical fields such as temperature, salinity or density (that are normally smoothed by local turbulence) but may substantially modify statistical properties of the drift of various substances.
2008) showed that the most accurate representation of the actual field-mapped network was even more accurate than the aerial photo-interpreted hydrographical data.
Throughout the project, the Bumi Armada and Vietsovpetro project management team encountered many obstacles, such as changes in hydrographical and geological data, increasing petroleum processing capacity from 45,000 barrels of crude per day to 55,000 bpd -- halfway through the project -- and so on.
In contrast, the Hedberg formula uses hydrographical or geomorphological criteria to establish the outermost fixed points.
Assisted in hydrographical surveys in the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea in preparation for Operation Zipper; submarine officer, 1944 onwards, rising to command the 1st Submarine Squadron (Sydney) and the 7th (Singapore).
The Australian Hydrographical Service AHS has also recently highlighted the need to be aware of possible inaccuracies in surveying that may lead to unmarked navigational hazards on paper charts, which can he magnified by electronic ones.
However, the wadis also experienced a period of hydrographical activity during the Pleistocene (e.