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of or relating to the science of hydrography


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Fourth, transit passage does not apply in straits that are formed by an island of the state bordering the strait and its mainland and where there exists seaward of the island a route through the high seas or exclusive economic zone of similar convenience with respect to navigational and hydrographical characteristics, (105) The Strait of Messina, bordered by Sicily and Calabria, Italy, is the classic example.
Minister of Rural Hydraulics, National Hydrographical Network, Retention--Adama Sall
Maritime special forces have a variety of roles that include covert reconnaissance and surveillance, hydrographical reconnaissance, minefield surveillance and covert ship/harbour attack.
During summer, a survey was made of the topographical and hydrographical conditions between Cape Split and Squaw Cap Rock (just offshore from the Cape).
Hydrographical networks, for one, could determine the major lines along which settlement would take place, since they provided an access to the territory (Brunger 1975; Craig 1986; Courville 1988; Lockwood 1988).
The first was to provide all known historical, geographical, and hydrographical details of the northern and eastern regions of the world to enable future pilots to travel to these areas by way of a north-east passage.
Included are seminal works in various fields of marine fisheries research, along with other contributions on the formative years of European marine science, including such topics as hydrographical investigations, plankton studies, work on herring scale studies, eel research, early problems seen in whale fisheries, and more.
Contract award notice: Supply of two sets of hand-held hydrographical cranes together with electric motors.
A fisheries management plan was required in Central Africa, which integrated a reduced regional hydrographical network and limited amounts of data in the overall regime.
The geographical space of the Duchy of Samogitia wasn't perceived like the natural landscape, it was underlined only the hydrographical network or Samogitia.
It is also important to maintain unpolluted water quality parameters within the bay, hydrographical basin and adjacent waters; preserve mangrove communities within the basin and adjacent areas; and establish sound management plans.
The villages have a structure adapted to the fragmented relief of the region, being dotted about and scattered, located on the meadow terraces, on the spread cons, within the areas of hydrographical convergence, while in the depressionary regions the villages have a radial-convergent shape.