hydrogen ion

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a positively charged atom of hydrogen

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835 g KBrO3 were added successively while keeping the temperature 43 AdegC, stirring rate 500 rpm, hydrogen ion concentration 2.
Inhibition of this enzyme would be expected to impair intracellular generation of hydrogen ions.
In contrast, the cross section of hydrogen ion exposed to photon flux we computed is four times the Thomson cross section for the scattering of free electrons.
For hydrogen ions, the concentration is conventionally described as a pH value.
The hydrogen ions interfere with electric signals from muscles and nerves, causing pain and impaired contraction.
In scientific terms, what pH means is the ability of molecules to attract hydrogen ions.
The inverse relationship between pH and hydrogen ion concentration is difficult for students to visualize.
o](t): excess hydrogen ion concentration in the effluent stream (mol/L)
In the case of a glass electrode used for the determination of solution pH, this transducer's response to a change in hydrogen ion concentration in solution is modeled by the semiempirical Nicolsky-Eisenman equation.
Surprisingly, molecules of all eight organic acids were perceived to be equal in sour taste, provided that at least one carboxyl group in a molecule had a hydrogen ion attached to it.
The second section discusses the renal contribution to maintaining pH balance and describes: (a) the reabsorption of filtered bicarbonate, (b) the regeneration of bicarbonate, (c) how hydrogen ion balance is maintained over a 24-hour period, and (d) adaptations that occur in response to changes in the daily acid load.
The cation in the reaction is the hydrogen ion ([H.
Here we have developed a new variation of the turtle eyecup preparation, which permits us to examine metabolic parameters, including oxygen consumption and changes in extracellular hydrogen ion concentration, while simultaneously assessing the physiological state of retinal function from the electroretinogram.