hydrogen bond

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a chemical bond consisting of a hydrogen atom between two electronegative atoms (e

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In the first one, an averaged time [tau] between collisions was calculated, taking in account the proton current associated to the hydrogen bond in liquid water.
We try to obtain some understanding of the conformational states of this relatively simple but flexible molecule and to use its ability to form intramolecular hydrogen bond to select corresponding conformers from their obviously large number.
O hydrogen bonds into two-dimensional sheets built from alternating eight and twenty-membered rings.
1], it is possible to infer the force constant for the hydrogen bond in the water dimer [11-12].
Therefore, it is clearly confirmed that the thermoreversible multiple hydrogen bond crosslinked MAn-g-IIR is obtained.
Our simulations showed that IRHY became resistant to Tamiflu due to the loss of key hydrogen bonds between the drug and residues in a part of the NA's structure known as the '150-loop'," Professor Mulholland said.
In the final model, His12 is hydrogen bonded to the carbonyl oxygen of Thr45 and to the oxygen of the inorganic phosphate, and His119 forms a hydrogen bond with another oxygen of the phosphate and to the oxygen OD1 of Asp121.
Chapter 5 studies the structure of H-bonded dimers and the nature of the hydrogen bond, which has a strength intermediate between a VdW bond and a weak chemical bond.
Probably all the properties of water are affected by the hydrogen bond length," he says.
Under the guideline of the above findings, we prepared MMA-MAAM/MMA-MAA blends and hope to raise Ts of PMMA and improve the moisture resistance of the copolymers at the same time by taking advantage of the intermolecular hydrogen bond interaction.
In square dancing, you're always releasing one partner and grabbing another, and that is a hydrogen bond network, exactly," he says.
Moreover, if a hydrogen bond breaks, there are still many hydrogen bonds left that can contribute to the material's overall strength, due to their ability to "self-heal" the beta-sheet crystals.
A fundamental understanding of the hydrogen bond network and proton transfer mechanisms is critical to the continuing development of PEMs.