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a diuretic drug (trade name Microzide, Esidrix, and HydroDIURIL) used in the treatment of hypertension

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Results showed that high use of hydrochlorothiazide was associated with odds ratios of 1.
Effect of Hibiscus sabdariffaon blood pressure and electrolyte profile of mild to moderate hypertensive Nigerians: A comparative study with hydrochlorothiazide.
119 Hydrochlorothiazide Mylan 00378081005 4,056,585
Market Share of Valsartan Hydrochlorothiazide Produced by Different Enterprises in China Hospital Market
Comparative antihypertensive effects of hydrochlorothiazide and chlorthalidone on ambulatory and office blood pressure.
5 mg), atenolol (50 mg), ramipril (5 mg), simvastatin (20 mg), and aspirin (100 mg) per day, or to 8 other groups, each with about 200 individuals, of aspirin alone, simvastatin alone, hydrochlorothiazide alone, three combinations of the two blood pressurelowering drugs, three blood pressurelowering drugs alone, or three blood pressure-lowering drugs plus aspirin.
BETA BLOCKER PLUS DIURETIC FOR HYPERTENSION atenolol chlorthalidone bisoprolol hydrochlorothiazide ACE INHIBITOR PLUS DIURETIC FOR HYPERTENSION captopril hydrochlorothiazide lisinopril hydrochlorothiazide benazepril hydrochlorothiazide moexipril hydrochlorothiazide quinapril hydrochlorothiazide CALCIUM CHANNEL BLOCKER PLUS ACE INHIBITOR FOR HYPERTENSION amlodipine benazepril
Among the drugs being imported that were cheaper here, according to the FDA, were atenolol, hydrochlorothiazide, lisinopril, metformin, simvastatin, and warfarin.
Two simple and accurate spectrophotometric methods were presented for the determination of binary mixtures of each of Eprosartan and Irbesartan with Hydrochlorothiazide in dosage forms.
Often a controversial figure, he pulled out of the World Cup in 2003 after testing positive for the banned substances, hydrochlorothiazide and amiloride, after taking a diuretic given to him by his mother as he recovered from a shoulder injury, being banned for 12 months, but returned to the side in 2004.
Canas tested positive for the prohibited substance hydrochlorothiazide -- a diuretic.
The 32-year-old legspinner was banned from all forms of cricket in February 2003 after testing positive for the banned diuretics hydrochlorothiazide and amiloride.
He was taking hydrochlorothiazide and enalapril for hypertension.
Teveten(R) HCT is a combination of the angiotensin II receptor blocker (ARB), eprosartan mesylate, and the diuretic, hydrochlorothiazide.
The 33-year-old tested positive for diuretics hydrochlorothiazide and amiloride on January 22, with his B sample result later also returning the same result.