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an abnormal condition in which cerebrospinal fluid collects in the ventricles of the brain

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As for my hydrocephalic classmate, many will think it a shame he was not aborted.
After, in 1932, Dandy also used a rigid Kelly cystoscope to inspect the lateral ventricles in two hydrocephalic children (6).
Also a television host, Aquino recounted that her daughter turned epileptic while being treated for a hydrocephalic condition as a child.
Some observations on CSF pressure: Hydrocephalic syndrome in adults with "normal" CSF pressure.
The distribution and intensity of AQP4, AQP1, and GFAP labeling in the hydrocephalic brain of the African grey parrot are summarized in Table 1.
Since the indications for ETV are not only permanently increasing, but also constantly adjusting and getting re-tailored [1,2], they nowadays, apart from cerebral aqueduct stenosis, includes many clinical conditions with underlying disturbance of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) hydrodynamics, such as in patients with posterior fossa tumors and cysts [6], communicating hydrocephalus [7], normal pressure hydrocephalus [8], and in patients with previous ventriculoperitoneal shunts failure [9], but lately also in the hydrocephalic patients with achondroplasia [10].
When he was famous first, caricaturists pictured him as a monk in a windowless bare cell, wild-eyed and hydrocephalic, hunched with his pencil over a gridded page of parchment; also as a spaceman in a globular helmet popping out of a hole in the sky.
Juhler, "Differences in distribution and regulation of astrocytic aquaporin-4 in human and rat hydrocephalic brain," Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology, vol.
The vicissitudes of Mari Gaila, the wife of the sacristan, her rivalry with her sister-in-law, Marica del Reino, for the usufruct of exhibiting a hydrocephalic dwarf at fairs and pilgrimages, her seduction by the gypsy Miau, the peasants' discovery of her adultery, after which they drive her naked to the church door to stone her in front of her husband, her husband's intervention citing the "divine words" of the Gospel, and so on, provide a plot line with sufficient drama that is furthermore complemented by the presence of secondary actions that gradually shape the frame of primitivism, superstition, misery, avarice and cruelty that provides the background to the story.
Though scarred uterus secondary to previous caesarean delivery is one of the commonly recognized risk factors for rupture of uterus, other risk factors are prolonged / obstructed labor, grand multiparity, macrosomic / hydrocephalic fetus, trauma, injudicious use of uterotonic drugs, labor dystocia, intrauterine manipulations such as internal podalic version and breech extraction, mishandling by trained / untrained TBA, malpresentations and instrumental delivery4.
It may be lese majesty to criticize these important personages in charge of the Red Cross enrollment, but why should the United States suffer because of the hydrocephalic old narrow-minded obstructionists at the helm of the Red Cross?
Additionally, this syndrome likely caused by hydrocephalic stretch of bilateral opercular fibers shows gradual recovery, as seen in our patient over the 2 month period.