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GPIM is the key mission to demonstrate a green monopropellant alternative to hydrazine," said Jim Oschmann, vice president and general manager of Civil Space and Technology at Ball Aerospace.
The study includes profiles of major companies operating in the global hydrazine hydrate market.
Hydrazine is highly toxic and can induce negative side effects when inhaled or through skin contact.
All 65 patients received the same chemotherapy and dietary counseling, but some got 60 mg of oral hydrazine sulfate, three times/day, and the rest took a placebo.
The hydrazine is believed to have been dissipated in the 17,000-mile-per-hour collision.
Hydrazine can cause harm to anyone who comes into contact.
It is an intermediate in the formation of hydrazine hydrate that is one of the most versatile chemicals finding use in a wide spectrum of applications such as rocket fuel, energy source in fuel cell, blowing agent in plastic industry, in synthesis of organic nitrogen compounds, and in making herbicides and pesticides for agricultural use.
Hydrazine hydrate--a compound of nitrogen, hydrogen, and water--is liquid, which makes it easier to store and deliver than gas.
Additionally, the team identified a hydrazine detection capability gap.
NASA studies favored liquid-oxygen/methane propulsion for the new spacecraft because it eliminates the need for special ground-handling procedures associated with traditional -- and dangerous -- nitrogen tetroxide and monomethyl hydrazine propulsion systems.
For using a comprehensive creative acquisition strategy that resulted in competition for the first time in over 25 years in the award of the government's hydrazine requirements.
The technical specifications required the missiles to not leak fluids, but unexpected weld and metal porosity caused the missiles to leak gasses, namely Unsymmetrical Di-Methyl Hydrazine ([CH312N2H2) & Nitrogen Tetroxide (N204).
Lanxess Deutschland GmhH (Leverkusen, Germany)--raising prices globally by up to EUR 350/ton for hydrazine hydrate and the activated hydrazine hydrate Levoxin (referring to 100% product), effective Nov.
They were based on hydrazine, hydrazide, or azodicarbonamide.