hydraulic pump

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a water pump that uses the kinetic energy of flowing water to force a small fraction of that water to a reservoir at a higher level

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DIRECT SERVO DRIVE: The newest addition to the company's Sytronix SVP servomotor drives for hydraulic pumps is the model MS2N, which is directly coupled to the pump--which Bosch Rexroth says is unusual for servomotors.
Controlling hydraulic units with servo motors also allows the servo motor to act as a generator and recover energy every time pressure is reduced in the hydraulic pump.
Units can get a new and improved hydraulic pump assembly, NSN 4320-01-618-6603, at no cost through the Oshkosh warranty claim process.
CAUTION--Prolonged use of a failed hydraulic pump without the pump shaft shearing as indicated by the needle not stabilized at zero will generate considerable heat and may result in an AMAD bay fire.
The circuit consists of unregulated axial piston hydraulic motor and regulated hydraulic pump with an inclined cylinder block.
Engineers opted for a single electric motor, hydraulic pump and computer module to operate the roof, with several hydraulic linkages: "The kinematics on this type of hardtop were very tricky.
The molding machine also features adjustable pressure controlled squeezing through the range of the hydraulic pump to produce up to 95 AFS mold hardness and an automatic pattern parting spray that coats the cope and drag simultaneously while the flask is closed.
The power source is a hydraulic pumping unit equipped with a variable speed motor, hydraulic pump, motor controller and a speed control device.
In field trials, Clarity Synthetic Hydraulic Oil AW has proven to reduce fuel consumption by improving overall hydraulic pump efficiency by up to 8 percent.
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The longer cycles encountered in molding larger parts on large injection machines can benefit particularly from throttling back or stopping the hydraulic pump while the clamp is closed and the screw is not turning.
The hydraulic pump is attached to the rengine via a bell housing and flexible coupling.
When you depress the valve, you're letting the vehicle's hydraulic pump spin free with no pressure, which reduces the load on the engine starter.
The power unit has a standard fixed speed AC electric motor connected to a hydraulic pump with variable flow in order to regulate the speed of the roll.