hydraulic engineering

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the branch of civil engineering dealing with the use and control of water in motion

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Ronald Whyte, managing director of Schoolhill Hydraulic Engineering, added: "This collaboration will enable both companies to take on larger turnkey fabrication and hydraulic projects and deliver products such as subsea handling tools, tree running tools and riser packages.
With the addition of the over 200-year old Brandner which owns equipment made especially for the Danube, Strabag SE will be able to gain a leading presence in the Austrian hydraulic engineering sector, as well as to develop the Danube region of Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine, Strabag SEa[euro](tm)s chief Hans Peter Haselsteiner said.
Order backlog growth was registered in hydraulic engineering, up 93.
Hunt, USDA-ARS Hydraulic Engineering Research Unit, Stillwater, Oklahoma; phone (405) 624-4135, e-mail greg.
This appointment is part of the company's strategy to consolidate and improve its position as the premier hydraulic engineering company in the south of England.
It is intended to replace circular paper chart recorders for the collection, archiving and future retrieval of gas distribution regulatory and hydraulic engineering data.
The hydraulic engineering firm, in Longford Road, has secured a coveted environmental management standard.
An internationally recognized authority on irrigation, hydraulic engineering, and water law by 1920, Mead eventually won acclaim as the Hoover Dam's chief engineer and eventually became the Commissioner of the United States Bureau of Reclamation.
The increasingly pressing requirements of environmental and natural resource protection, while achieving sustainable development, bring more opportunities to the fields of civil engineering, architecture, hydraulic engineering and infrastructure development.
Tenders are invited for 1200 vienna, am brigittenauer sporn 3, university of natural resources and applied life sciences vienna - hydraulic engineering laboratory - services local supervision (including house and electrical engineering) and construction site coordinator acc.
Hydraulicians in the USA 1800-2000: A Biographical Dictionary of Leaders in Hydraulic Engineering and Fluid Mechanics
Int'l Conference on Civil, Architectural and Hydraulic Engineering (2012: Zhangjiajie, China) Ed.
Austrian builder Strabag SE (WBAG:STR) said on Thursday it will buy the 30% it did not already own in German hydraulic engineering specialist Josef Moebius Bau for an undisclosed price.
pl) has 35 employees and provides consulting engineering services for hydraulic engineering and water resource management
I would offer this advice to the people of Prudhoe: if you have relatives buried in the local cemetery, make sure the people who carry out this work are fully conversed and qualified in hydraulic engineering or you will finish up with a great deal of heartache, similar to that suffered by many people in South Tyneside.
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