hydraulic engineering

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the branch of civil engineering dealing with the use and control of water in motion

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Ronald Whyte, managing director of Schoolhill Hydraulic Engineering, added: "This collaboration will enable both companies to take on larger turnkey fabrication and hydraulic projects and deliver products such as subsea handling tools, tree running tools and riser packages.
Hans van der Meer, the head of Ballast Nedam Supplies, notes that "Combined solutions based on Microbeton's lightweight products and Concrete Waco Lingen's prefabricated concrete products create a range of promising opportunities in areas such as groundwork, road-building, and hydraulic engineering, in addition to residential and utilities construction.
Yanyu is also participating in the "2010 Most Growing Strength Brand in the Water Industry" contest, co-sponsored by the Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society, the Organizing Committee of Water Summit Forum, and Water Newspaper.
The line installed in Zavolzhie will produce staple fiber polyester nonwovens in a range from 100 to 800 gsm, six meters wide and able to satisfy the different requirements of civil and hydraulic engineering, such as reinforcement of roads, anti-contamination layer of landfill sites, ground drainage or in railway networks.
Kuo Toong, a water pipe supplier, is also benefiting from China's rapid development of irrigation and hydraulic engineering works.
These issues will be the focus of the "acqua alta 2011," an exhibition and international conference on climate impact, flood protection and hydraulic engineering, taking place from 11 to 13 October in Hamburg.
I would offer this advice to the people of Prudhoe: if you have relatives buried in the local cemetery, make sure the people who carry out this work are fully conversed and qualified in hydraulic engineering or you will finish up with a great deal of heartache, similar to that suffered by many people in South Tyneside.
It is described as an ideal instrument to replace old style circular paper chart recorders for the collection, archiving and future retrieval of gas distribution regulatory and hydraulic engineering data.
HNTB assignments during the three-year contract could include structural engineering for hydraulic and marine structures, bridges and buildings; civil and hydraulic engineering of pump stations, closure gates and pipes; geotechnical work including levees, seepage analysis, piles and flood structures; mechanical and electrical engineering for buildings, pumps and navigation structures; architecture; cost estimating; surveying; mapping; and technology support services including geographic information systems programming and visualization.
SPEKE-based hydraulic engineering firm Yuken Europe has secured a deal to supply parts to one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of plastic injection moulding machines in the world.
About 450 selected and peer-reviewed papers discuss matters relating to advanced and sustainable materials and innovation in civil and hydraulic engineering, architecture and building construction, bridge and underground engineering, and earthquake and seismic engineering.
Prior Information Notice: Hydraulic engineering and earthworks on the leisure island baakenhafen park for making the observation deck "himmelberg".
This book highlights the latest developments in, and applications of, advanced and sustainable materials, innovations in civil and hydraulic engineering, innovations in architecture and building construction, and innovations in bridge and underground engineering.
29] Mead reserved his greatest praise, however, for Zionist hydraulic engineering projects.
The company is now focused on hydraulic engineering and all its activities are based outside the region.
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