hydraulic brake

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brake system in which a brake pedal moves a piston in the master cylinder

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But to give the impression everything was above board, he put ball bearings into tubes normally filled with hydraulic brake fluid.
As a complement to this safety system, the gear motor includes an electrical brake that helps the hydraulic brake in strong winds and absorbs the effect of the wind on the mobile elements of the tracker, thus avoiding damage and helping to extend the useful life of the machine and its main elements.
Leaking hydraulic brake fluid trickled in and caught fire.
Continental Automotive Systems develops and produces electronic and hydraulic brake, stability and chassis control systems, electronic air suspension systems, sensors, engine management and transmission control systems, hybrid drives, cooling fan modules, body and security electronics and also is the industry leader of embedded telematics and communication systems in vehicles.
Contract Awarded for Cylinder assembly hydraulic brake
The 8,400 square meters facility in Jiading will provide office space and well- equipped labs & testing facilities for Powertrain & Chassis, Body & Security, Hydraulic Brake Systems and Electronic Brake Systems.
Whittaker Controls has received a long-term contract from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics to provide manually operated two-way position valves for the F-22 Raptor hydraulic brake circuit.
Tenders are invited for Mggo 80W90 And Hydraulic Brake Fluid Hy Duty
The Paris facility was obtained by Haldex in an acquisition in 1998 and produces a range of products including components for air brake systems as well as clutches and products for hydraulic brake systems.
formerly The Ruili Group, was incorporated in the People's Republic of China in 1987 and specializes in the development, production and distribution of air brake valves and hydraulic brake valves.
Tenders are invited for Supply of lubricants (1 Automotive hydraulic brake fluid servo br.
BULLETIN BOARD: SAUP) , a manufacturer and distributor of automotive air brake valves and hydraulic brake valves primarily for the commercial vehicle market, announced today that it has engaged Maxim Group LLC as its investment banker.
OTC BB: SAUP), a Chinese company engaged in the manufacture and distribution of automotive air brake valves and hydraulic brake valves primarily for the commercial vehicles market, announced that third quarter revenue is projected to reach $12.
Tenders are invited for Local Purchase Of Mggo 80W90 Qty 5460 Ltrs And Hydraulic Brake Fluid Hy Duty Qty 1050 Ltrs For Supply Depot Asc Kolkata
Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket business unveiled, here at the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week, its expanded medium-duty, all-makes hydraulic brake product line.