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Synonyms for hydrate

Antonyms for hydrate

any compound that contains water of crystallization

supply water or liquid to in order to maintain a healthy balance

become hydrated and combine with water

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The study includes profiles of major companies operating in the global hydrazine hydrate market.
It is also important to note that condensed water is not required for hydrate formation and hydrates can form from water vapor.
Estimates of potentially recoverable reserves of ethane and methane in offshore Azeri hydrate formations for commercial use vary from 28 to 60 TCM.
49% mole with the 5 days' hydrate synthesis, the ethane concentration is 10.
However, with potentially easier access to shale gas, at this stage no serious plans are in place to retrieve methane hydrates from relatively near the UK, unlike research carried out in the US and Canada.
It removed more than 90 percent of the salt compared to 70 percent with the previous gas hydrate technique.
According to an estimate, Japan has methane hydrate deposits sufficient to cover domestic consumption of natural gas for around 100 years, raising hopes that methane hydrate could become a potential energy savior for the resource-poor country.
8220;Methane hydrate deposits around Japan contain enough gas to fuel the country for up to a century,” pointed out Steele.
Gas hydrate is a solid crystalline substance composed of water and natural gas (primarily methane) in which water molecules form a cage-like structure around the gas molecules," according to the authors of the 2012 Global Energy Assessment (GEA), a landmark study commissioned by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis.
The current gas hydrate programs and budgets involving methane hydrate is also discussed in This offering.
Keshavarz underlined the importance of using gas hydrate as replacement to fossil fuels, saying "After exploitation, every cubic meter of gas hydrate will produce heat equal to 164 cubic meters of gas.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran announced on Monday that the country's engineers have discovered giant gas hydrate reservoirs in its waters in the Sea of Oman.
A good portion of the carbon on Earth is stored in the seafloor as methane hydrate, a frozen mixture of methane and water formed at high pressure and low temperature.
Huber Corporation, has strengthened its fire retardant additive portfolio by acquiring the specialty hydrate flame retardant business of Almatis, Inc.
A sampling of specific topics includes: geophysical exploration techniques and methods for gas hydrates, seismic indicators of natural gas hydrate and underlying free gas, vertical seismic profiles, marine controlled-source electromagnetic and the assessment of seafloor gas hydrates, infrared imaging, evaluation using borehole logs, and a resonant column study of the seismic properties of methane-hydrate-bearing sand.