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Synonyms for Hydra

(Greek mythology) monster with nine heads

a long faint constellation in the southern hemisphere near the equator stretching between Virgo and Cancer


trouble that cannot be overcome by a single effort because of its many aspects or its persistent and pervasive quality

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small tubular solitary freshwater hydrozoan polyp

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Look for three hydras (numbered 1 to 3), a water flea (4), and a copepod (KO-puh-pod) (5).
If you want to watch your hydras for just a little while, return them to the pond after a few days.
During their IATFF presentation, Hessel's team explained how HYDRA uses a biomorphic algorithm to generate series of pattern-less numbers; each figure in a series is called a Bodacion.
With the merger, Hydra will be operating as a subsidiary of iVoice until the parent American Security Resources carries out certain corporate changes that will lead to a new name and trading symbol for iVoice, ARSC CEO, Frank Neukomm, said.
The plan approved by the Board calls for a significant investment directly into Hydra before the spin-off.
Bob Farr, President and COO of ARSC, explained, "Ben Schafer, CTO of our Hydra Fuel Cell subsidiary, discovered this process while reviewing university research seeking science and technologies that would enhance our fuel cell and clean energy development efforts.
We believe Rogue Wave[R] Hydra will provide us with greater flexibility and improved concurrent processing in our system, using .
Hydra proposes fuel cell applications for police, fire and public safety; local government communications; utilities; and academic sporting and entertainment facilities among others.
He recently succeeded Ed Davis as Chairman of Hydra to lead the development of the market opportunity for the company's HydraStax[TM] hydrogen fuel cells.
The HydraStax(TM) fuel cell is a proprietary technology developed by ARSC's wholly owned subsidiary, Hydra Fuel Cell Corp.
Fuel cell technologies continue to be developed by ARSC's wholly owned subsidiary, Hydra Fuel Cell Corporation.
Nasdaq:QVDX) providing reusable software components and services that facilitate enterprise-class application development, today announced the general availability of Rogue Wave(R) HydraSDO(TM) for XML, the first HydraData component within the Rogue Wave(R) Hydra service-oriented architecture (SOA) suite.
Rogue Wave Hydra is designed to facilitate the distribution of business processes within an application, enabling professional developers to address major service-oriented and parallel processing development challenges, while capitalizing on existing software assets.