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an abnormality of pregnancy

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Anaemia (22%), infections (13%), cervical stitch (3%), malpresentations (5%), hydramnios (5%) were implicated risk factors for PROM.
A review of idiopathic hydramnios and pregnancy outcomes.
01) (a) HRs were adjusted for infant sex, marital status, adequacy of prenatal care, maternal age, maternal race/ethnicity, maternal education, parity, maternal smoking, prenatal care source of payment, conception season, birth season, percapita income, previous preterm or SGA infant, previous trimester TTHM exposure, and the presence of one or more maternal disease factors including lung disease, diabetes, eclampsia, hydramnios, chronic hypertension, pregnancyrelated hypertension, incompetent cervix, renal disease, uterine bleeding, and inappropriate maternal weight gain/loss.
85), whether due to a fetus weighing more than 4,000 g or to hydramnios.
Prostaglandin inhibitors may be preferred for hydramnios
Hydramnios associated with congenital mesoblastic nephroma: case report.
These drugs, which block the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II, are toxic to the kidneys and cause fetal hydramnios, hypotension, and skull defects.
Women with diabetes are up to 5 times as likely to develop toxemia (a disorder of unknown cause usually marked by hypertension, protein in the urine, edema, headache, and visual disturbances) and hydramnios (excessive amounts of amniotic fluid) as women without diabetes.
Participants having any known respiratory or cardiovascular diseases, multiple pregnancy, anemia, hydramnios, or those on treatment for any other disease were excluded from the study.
It is also useful to rule out incidence of foetal malformations, hydramnios and oligohydramnios etc.
3) in shown by oligohydramnios increased group but uterine artery not in velocity only normal AFI in oligo- group hydramnios group Doi (35) Significant IV isotonic 3 increases in solutions did AFI in oral not increase water and amniotic hypotonic IV fluid groups by volume in 3.