hybrid vigor

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(genetics) the tendency of a crossbred organism to have qualities superior to those of either parent

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First identified at CSHL by George Shull in 1908, hybrid vigor - or heterosis, as biologists call it - involves interbreeding genetically distinct plants to generate offspring more robust than either inbred parent.
Our results demonstrate successful hybridization between a Chilean scallop population and a bay scallop population, with considerable hybrid vigor being observed, implying the existence of a more complex genetic basis.
i] because it is clear that genetic divergence strongly contributes to the expression of hybrid vigor.
Hybrid vigor between native and introduced salamanders raises new challenges for conservation.
JEREMY BLAKE: That's a way of achieving a new kind of vitality, right, a hybrid vigor.
Now plant geneticists investigating the maize (corn) genome at Rutgers' Waksman Institute of Microbiology in New Jersey have discovered a possible explanation for this phenomenon, known as heterosis or hybrid vigor.
Maize was the test organism in the 1906 discovery of directed hybrid vigor, which gave new insight into the rule of Mendelian genetics, and in the 1946 finding of transposable genes, which contradicted the very same Mendelian rule but won Barbara McClintock the Nobel Prize for Medicine.
Denise Caruso, Executive Director and Chair, The Hybrid Vigor Institute; and
On the other hand, hybrid vigor, or heterosis, is commonly observed in F1 progeny from two inbred parents, and this is widely exploited in breeding.
Nonetheless, even in the absence of hybrid vigor, hybridization can be used to express several trait combinations from either species or strains and improves characteristics such as texture, color, and taste (Elliott 2000).
The team made the discovery while hunting for genes that boost hybrid vigor, a revolutionary breeding principle that spurred the production of blockbuster hybrid crops like corn and rice a century ago.
Two lineages sometimes produce superoffspring that outperform their parents, a phenomenon called hybrid vigor.
It will also expand knowledge about crop yield, disease and pest resistance, hybrid vigor, and adaptability to different environmental situations.