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M AIL T ODAY visited slum clusters across the city, visiting several people who live what can only be called a day- to- day basis these dingy hutments.
The death of these residents could have been prevented had their hutments been shifted as per the recommendations of the Mumbai Slum Improvement Board which had carried out a comprehensive survey in 2010.
To gauge the extent of the demolition each day there were at least 2,000 hutments demolished.
40am on adjoining hutments in a slum killing eight people and injuring four who were admitted to Kaushila Hospital in Thane.
Tenders are invited for Provision Of Electrical Work In Room No 68 And 68A Office Of Directorate Of Air Logistics Support Dals At A Block Hutments Mod New Delhi
New Delhi, Jan 9 (ANI): At least seven hutments were gutted in a fire near the Commonwealth Games Village in the wee hours on Saturday.
Tenders are invited for Annual Maintenance Contract Of The Hutments At The Cmpdi Exploration Camp Kosala For The Year 2015-16
Since each of the hutments were adjoining with no space in between them, the fire engulfed all the houses.
Several hutments were gutted in the incident which took place near Premwari Bridge in AO Block.
cores of hutments across several villages of the block have been ransacked since the unrest broke on June 15.
According to an official at the Sector- 58 fire station, about a dozen hutments were destroyed when one of them caught fire from a burning candle around 1 am.
The mob broke hutments selling cheap country liquor at the Hooghly Chatkal Basti in Khidderpore.