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Synonyms for hutch

a cage (usually made of wood and wire mesh) for small animals

small crude shelter used as a dwelling

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Men were ready to go and strike at the Hutch family but gardai received information and halted another strike - that is upwards of 50 murders stopped now.
Hutch is the beneficiary of the beautifully designed space left behind by Cantina 1910, the ambitious Mexican restaurant that lasted a year, closing in August 2016.
Each adult rabbit should occupy its own hutch that measures 2.
The hutches are bedded with dry hay, and he also has a small feeder for pellets inside the hutch.
His murder marked another violent chapter in the ongoing feud between the Hutch and Kinahan crime gangs.
Fire station commander David Doherty said: "The wind sent the hutch flying into the air and catapulted the rabbit out and on to the roof.
Under the terms of the new contract, Aegis will provide a comprehensive spectrum of Telecom BPM solutions to Hutch including seamless multi-lingual customer experience management.
Then, a peg resting on top of the hutch seemingly inexplicably flies off before wriggling around on the ground.
The addition of Hutch Media to Zealot Networks begins to fulfill a component of the company's distribution capabilities by offering destinations with niche audience for premium content.
Emma Purnell, who works at the Stocks Veterinary Centre in Uptonupon-Severn, is going to spend 48 hours on her own in a "human-sized" rabbit hutch.
But the Treasury has voiced its reservations on the acquisition price which was approved by Mobitel- and Hutch after finalizing terms and conditions.
Seductive Hutch bedded Hollywood stars Tallulah Bankhead and Merle Oberon plus the legendary composer Cole Porter, who dubbed him "a famous gigolo" and Countess Mountbatten, the wife of Lord Mounbatten.
Set in a prestigious California boarding school, Devon is assigned as a peer counselor to help friends of Hutch cope with their grief.
com/title/tt0072567/) "Starsky & Hutch," is finding himself on the other side of the law in real life he pleaded not guilty to drug charges in Kentucky.