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the activities involved in political campaigning (especially speech making)

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Candidates confirmed to attend the general election hustings are: Plaid Cymru's Mike Parker, Labour's Huw Thomas, Liberal Democrats' Mark Williams, Green Party's Daniel Thompson and UKIP's Gethin James.
HOFF chairman Richard Palmer will chair the hustings.
The candidates standing to become the next MP for Cardiff South and Penarth are: | Stephen Doughty (Labour); | Robert Griffiths (Communist); | Andrew Jordan (Socialist Labour) - a spokesperson will attend the hustings on behalf on Mr Jordan, who is unable to attend; | Bablin Molik (Liberal Democrat); | Luke Nicholas (Plaid Cymru); | Anthony Slaughter (Green); | Craig Williams (Conservative); | Simon Zeigler (UKIP).
Another candidate at the hustings, Labour's Tal Michael, who is a former chief executive of North Wales Police Authority, denied it was raised unlawfully and said it was prudent to keep reserves for when they are needed.
uk/outsidethebubble He added as the only northern candidate in the leadership race, he felt buoyed to be on home turf for the final hustings event.
Nat hopeful David Alexander was branded an "extremist" and "anti-democratic" following the outburst, which came during a church hall hustings debate.
Candidates for the next Speaker of the House of Commons have taken part in an historic public hustings, as they battled to win the backing of MPs.
TORY cabinet member Hazel Noonan made a surprising pledge to Coventry pensioners at a hustings meeting in the city.
LABOUR'S leadership hustings come to Glasgow today - with Gordon Brown already assured of becoming PM.
With just two weeks until the General Election, Chris Daniels (Conservatives), Alex Cunningham (Labour), Mandy Boylett (UKIP) and John Tait (North East Party) were due to visit the college today for its second and final hustings event, after students grilled Stockton South candidates last week.
VOTERS across Liverpool will be able to quiz their General Election candidates at a series of hustings today.
WOULD-BE North East MPs are to go head to head at a hustings to reveal how they plan to improve "social justice".
His visit comes as the Yardley seat is under the spotlight in tonight's Birmingham Mail and Twitter #yardleydebate hustings event.
Holly Walker-Lynch, 28, was L selected to represent the constituency after a tough hustings battle at the reeways Centre in Halifax, which pitted four women hopefuls against each other.
DAVID CAMERON launched a furious attack on the BBC over claims that the Tory candidate refused to take part in an Eastleigh by-election hustings.