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a member of a European light cavalry unit

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The band began to play the tune with which the White Hussars from the date of their formation have concluded all their functions.
There is but one horse in the White Hussars, and his portrait hangs outside the door of the mess-room.
The next time that they have no engagements on hand the White Hussars intend to go to St.
Instead of echoing Dirkovitch's sigh of regret, it is sad to record that the White Hussars livelily exhibited un-Christian delight and other emotions, hardly restrained by their sense of hospitality.
But that was a matter suddenly and swiftly taken from the loving hands of the White Hussars.
Little Mildred answered nothing, but watched the North Star and hummed a selection from recent Simla burlesque that had much delighted the White Hussars.
The citation in the London Gazette enumerated his heroics: "For having in the Light Cavalry Charge on the 25th October, 1854, saved the life of Sergeant Bentley, 11th Hussars by cutting down two or three Russian Hussars, who were attacking from the rear, and afterwards cutting down a Russian Hussar, who was attacking Private Levett, 11th Hussars.
Keen for a pint of real ale and an old-fashioned Sunday lunch, I suggested to She Who Must Be Fed that we try The Northumberland Hussar, which is just off Chillingham Road.
But even though she returns his love, race and class differences make this quest as impossible as that of becoming a hussar.
The audience, on the other hand, identifies the actor with his/her acting, and cinema with life, thereby recalling sometimes an invented way of life "a la hussar.
And the Ballydoyle maestro can land another Trial today at Lingfield with the once-raced Blue Hussar.
Ray, of Nottingham, who wrote the book Once A Hussar about his experiences, said: "By some miracle I was the last man virtually and I fired the last round.
The French import was only beaten a neck by Royal Irish Hussar on his British debut at Market Rasen, trying to concede 8lb having won a race before joining Williams.
He's spearheading a public appeal to buy the Gay Hussar, safeguarding its future as one of the capital's most colourful venues.
Daniel Hussar, PhD, Remington Professor of Pharmacy at University of the Sciences, said that individuals as young as six months old benefit most from the vaccination when given in the fall because their bodies have time to build up immunity to last an entire flu season - which typically runs through May.