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Synonyms for huskiness

the property of being big and strong

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a throaty harshness

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Sometimes it would deflate a little but as soon as he remembered Charlene's words, and the huskiness that accompanied them, he was back to full mast and angry.
Little fat detective whose name I don't know"--her voice had a tired huskiness in it, and a tired mockery--"you think that I am playing a part, don't you?
6392 LP), there was a huskiness that doesn't come through on the NEARs.
I wondered how this man, whose art concealed under its apparent huskiness a deliberation and delicacy like Turgenev, could show so little of his inner sensibility in his outward behaviour.
He's been clear of the problem for three years now, but at the slightest hint of huskiness Paul is off to the doctor's faster than you can say viral papillonae
The luxuriance of the flesh, its vivid tones, the fevered eyes and the weight of the voice, its huskiness, became instantly conjugated with sensual love.
Later" Hannah whispered back, her voice unfamiliar to her in its huskiness.
It's also a voice that hasn't dropped to the huskiness heard in some singers as their careers advance.
Arthur slouched over the breakfast table; he attempted a slow, menacing huskiness a world away from his high-pitched, rapid speaking voice: "Not if you know where to get the liquor.
The Londoners have gone for gentle here with an aching huskiness to the vocals.
It does all this in a totally subdued manner, only approaching a suppressed huskiness when put under duress.
It is a Midlands version of London's Soho with an atmosphere of creative freedom and tolerance tinged with the rough urban huskiness of big-city living.
Manning's pure sound and perfect intonation, warmed with a hint of expressive huskiness, will remain unforgettably evocative of the girl's innocent, selfless acceptance of fate.
In its larger home base of the Bastille, the Paris Opera staged its premiere of Prokofiev's monumental War and Peace, for which it had temporarily extracted from their home turf some of Russia's best, mostly young, singers, all of whom displayed the huskiness and generosity of Russian singing without its too-often-heard sins of immense vibrato and erratic pitch.
The transformation of his voice from the RX2 to the RP-955 was arresting, the latter revealing an almost Elvis-like huskiness in his natural tone -- something we'd heard from the days of "Lady Madonna," but lacked convincing evidence for until McCartney.