hush money

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a bribe paid to someone to insure that something is kept secret

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According to the Sunday People, the files show that Jackson paid huge sums of hush money over 15 years.
Emmerdale After a hard couple of days of trying to raise Carl's hush money, Cameron is in no mood to babysit Sarah, and sends her upstairs.
EMMERDALE (ITV1) AFTER a hard couple of days of trying to raise Carl''s hush money, Cameron is in no mood to babysit Sarah, and sends her upstairs.
The wealthy presenters could show generosity by giving 20% of their hush money to a poverty-based charity.
Dubai A worker has been accused of paying Dh1,000 in hush money to an anti-economic crimes policeman who allegedly caught him selling pornographic movies and pirated DVDs.
A pastoral letter by Morris was cause for dismissal by Pope Benedict XVI, but as the New York Times pointed out, bishops who have paid hush money to sweep abuse cases under the rug have not incurred papal wrath.
She was offered the hush money just before she was supposed to confirm a report about the golfer's adulter y at a press conference in December.
Halderman admitted in March that he demanded $2m in hush money to keep secret personal information about Letterman.
A TV worker had threatened to expose the Late Show host's affairs in a book and screenplay unless he was paid hush money, the married presenter claimed.
Well, Network Change Team, it certainly doesn't feel like the People's Post Office, with your sham of a consultation exercise, forcing post masters and mistresses to sign hush money agreements, and your stick the pin in the map to close a branch attitude.
Shibahara and Sugano paid around 60 million yen in hush money to an outsider who had informed Duskin of the scandal, according to the high court.
Until the public outcry forced them to acknowledge the crisis five years ago, their modus operandi was to cover up the problem by paying hush money to survivors while transferring abusive priests from parish to parish where they could abuse again.
He did though, as 200-year-old bank statements auctioned yesterday show, have the decency to pay Lady Nelson pounds 400 a year hush money - equivalent to pounds 30,000 today.
Then: The families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson say they were offered millions of dollars by Fox as hush money.
If Ellen marries Mitchell, she can keep the baby and have a fabulous life; he can become a star; and Alex can walk away with a wad of hush money sufficiently large that, as Diane sweetly puts it to him, "you no longer have to go down on unattractive strangers.