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Synonyms for hurtle



Synonyms for hurtle

to send through the air with a motion of the hand or arm

to launch with great force

Synonyms for hurtle

move with or as if with a rushing sound

make a thrusting forward movement

Related Words

throw forcefully

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Furious creditors claim they started another company, Hurtle Parrot 2000, to avoid having to pay up.
Hurtle Parrot spokesman Shona Ford said: "There has been fantastic interest in both concerts from all over the country.
Pick a car, pick a team and say your prayers as you hurtle down the track in a 7000 Hp dragster in NHRA Drag Racing Main Event, the latest release from ValuSoft, a top-ten publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and productivity software.
One moment, the dancers move through space with deliberateness and restraint; the next, they hurtle and erupt, leaping and sliding.
Late in August of 1989, the Voyager 2 spacecraft will hurtle past the planet Neptune, the probe's last scheduled encounter in what by then will have been a 12-year, four-planet grand tour of the solar system.
Launched today, the site will hurtle movie and science fiction fans deep inside the ape planet.
The movie follows Josh (Breckin Meyer) and his Ithaca buddies as they hurtle from upstate New York to Austin, Texas, to retrieve a videotape that was inadvertently mailed to Josh's childhood sweetheart, Tiffany (Rachel Blanchard).
The men hurtle their bodies through the air like players in pursuit of a soccer ball that isn't there.
They twist through the air in sharp-angled attitudes, lift each other the better to hurtle across the stage.
With this major hurtle over, completion of the factory will be in time to permit first deliveries of the new JETCRUZER 500 by the fourth quarter of 1998.
SPLASH DOWN Laughing Alex hurtles down slide during mud run
It also hurtles NYU's athletic conference from number 14 to number one in the EPA's green power challenge standings.
Bringing the sight, sound, and feel of being aloft and controlling a massive vehicle as it hurtles through the air at immense speeds, Blue Skies And Tail Winds tells stories of near-tragedy, humor, sudden panic, and the quiet joy of just being in the sky.
Nothing about ``Treasure Hunters'' is particularly original -- imagine the Nicolas Cage flick ``National Treasure'' reimagined as an ``Amazing Race''-style reality show, and you're right there -- but it hurtles along agreeably enough, and every once in a while, it tucks in a little historical factoid, which can't be a bad thing.
The story hurtles onward, leaving the reader desperate for the occasional breather, for an opportunity to explore.