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But Dummling begged so long that at last he said: 'Just go then, you will get wiser by hurting yourself.
He came quite opposite to me from the other corner of the coach, brushed one of his large furry cuffs across my eyes (but without hurting me), and showed me that it was wet.
Certainly they did; but as learned men should always fall--namely, without hurting themselves.
I was torn between the fear of hurting a nice woman's feelings and the fear of being in the way.
Oh, I don't know: I suppose to do one's duty, and make the best possible use of one's faculties, and avoid hurting other people.
They seem to want him to come," said Bert, "but they don't seem hurting themselves to get 'im.
Mebbe you just don't want to get acquainted with me, and won't say so for fear of hurting my feelings.
You give me the choice of lying to you and hurting you in order to protect myself by getting rid of you, or of throwing away my protection by telling you the truth, for then you, as you said yourself, would stay and urge.
Is that all you have to say to me after hurting my arm?
She feels, I reckon, though mebbe she hardly knows she feels it, that there's a vast deal in her life you can't enter nor understand--and so she has to keep you back from it--hold you off, so to speak, from hurting her.
Thoughts of killing or hurting oneself are even more common in patients diagnosed with a pulmonary disease than in those with major depression, reports a team led by Renee D.
After often-heated discussions, he said he was satisfied that the water table could be reduced by about two feet without hurting wildlife.
Otton said Notre Dame players knew he was hurting and were sending loud and clear messages they were trying to send him out.
Ronaldo I'M glad they''re hurting but so are the fans.
Every time I turn on a newscast or pick up my morning paper, I learn of more heartache caused by hurting people who so selfishly hurt others.