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Synonyms for hurriedly



Synonyms for hurriedly

in a hurried or hasty manner

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I am scared enough that I turn the knob and hurriedly duck into Chris' office and then slam the door shut behind me.
After confirming that she was dead they pushed her bleeding body to the bathroom and hurriedly collected whatever they could and fled," the sources said.
It's a hurriedly put-together plan that changes the entire criminal justice system to make a short-term budget fix," San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis said.
The panicked man hurriedly loaded the deer in his pickup truck, hoping for a quick getaway.
The game between Tow Law Town and Consett, hurriedly re-arranged last night after being postponed on Monday, was called off by the referee minutes before kick-off because of frost.
Saudi Arabia's ageing King Abdullah arrived in the United States for medical treatment on Monday, while a frail Crown Prince Sultan hurriedly returned from abroad to govern the world's largest oil exporter.
With no obvious way out, Paul discovers a mobile phone with a weak signal and hurriedly calls for help, telling the 911 operator: "I don't know what's going on.
It was not clear if he connected with any of his shots, but the two assailants hurriedly fled the scene.
Wrapping up a hurriedly called two-day meeting of the United Nations General Assembly to spotlight the immediate need for aid, Pakistan's UN ambassador Abdullah Haroon said the initial outpouring from around 70 countries was "indeed heartening" and "a good beginning".
It's a wonder THE BANDWAW GON I hurriedly jumped on the bandwagon, It seemed to be going my way.
COMMUNICATIONS chief Malcolm Tucker is hurriedly called into action to minimise the damage created by Simon Foster, the British Secretary of State for International Development.
As gunmen reportedly took to the streets in large numbers, respective factional leaders hurriedly held urgent meetings in a bid to contain the situation lest that thing get out of hand.
Mr Ainsworth hurriedly cut short his holiday to announce he was bringing forward a review of the MoD compensation scheme.
Because his passport had less than six months to run, he hurriedly arranged for a new one but so far the Azerbaijan Embassy has stalled on granting him a visa.
But the FA then realised their mistake and hurriedly told the club that, in fact, Fahey's onegame suspension would be served on Saturday, when Blues visit Blackpool.