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a severe tropical cyclone usually with heavy rains and winds moving a 73-136 knots (12 on the Beaufort scale)

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The height of the hurricane endured from eleven at night till three in the morning, and it was at eleven that the tree in which clung Mapuhi and his women snapped off.
At three in the morning the backbone of the hurricane broke.
In the meantime, Nauri, torn from her family by the hurricane, had been swept away on an adventure of her own.
Without doubt he had been well fed since the hurricane.
He pulled himself up by Jukes' coat, taking that liberty with the greatest moderation, and only so far as it was forced upon him by the hurricane.
Of greater consequence, the team says there is a 72 percent chance at least one of these storms will strengthen to a major hurricane and make landfall somewhere on the U.
experienced a tropical storm landfall, but was spared hurricane landfalls.
After Hurricane Katrina became the costliest catastrophe in American history, hurricanes Rita and Wilma caused even more damage.
In the rolling hills of Midlothian, Texas, surrounded by giant mesquite trees and fields, Camp Hoblitzelle and its small staff began preparing for over 100 evacuees from Hurricane Katrina.
The idea is to fly several planes into the eye of a hurricane, cutting a triangular swath to the center while dumping this polymer.
The acts of heroism and dedication among the public health and medical communities during and immediately after hurricane Katrina are numerous (Berggren 2005; Raggi and Raggi 2005; Schwartz 2005).
Suffered an economic loss as a result of that hurricane.
Relief from the sea would become especially important if land or air access were denied in the aftermath of a hurricane.
Some places hit by tropical storms suffered damage, even though winds were below hurricane strength.
The National Weather Service provides current tropical storm hurricane warnings and information Follow a storm in real time as it progresses through the ocean and heads toward land.