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There's time ahead for the hurly-burly part of the holidays.
He lives in Hexham and loves the rolling countryside lifestyle that is on his doorstep rather than the hurly-burly of London.
Looking forward to seeing him in the hurly-burly of a Chester 5f sprint.
We will make one or two changes to the side but this tie is a nice distraction from the hurly-burly of the league.
However, she believes weekend down-time rather than the hurly-burly of league matches may benefit her.
However, she believes weekend downtime rather than the hurly-burly of league matches may work in her favour.
provide a little sanctuary before the hurly-burly of the day begins.
Continued from the Back Page suited for the hurly-burly of the Championship.
Kuwait, April 22 (BNA) Causes of the political hurly-burly witnessed by Iran recently in connection with the resignation of its Intelligence Minister Haidar Moslehi have been revealed by high profile GCC sources to Kuwaiti Al Qabas newspaper.
According to the Daily Mail, Torres, his wife Olalla, their six-month old son Leo and daughter Nora, who's almost two, are enjoying a quiet time away from the hurly-burly atmosphere of football.
And he's hung up his penchant for the hurly-burly of the chaise longue in favour of the deep peace of a marriage bed containing the lovely Katy, a formerly God-fearing lass from the US bible belt.
But, since the TSE switched to electronic trading about a decade ago, many traders say they no longer need lunch breaks to rest from the hurly-burly of trading.
From the vaudeville jazz of title track to the hurly-burly burlesque of Pornography, these are flirtatious fancies.
AS HE approaches the end of his years in office - he will celebrate his ninth anniversary as First Minister in February - Rhodri Morgan seems increasingly withdrawn from the hurly-burly of political controversy.
Then at 14 I was whisked off into the hurly-burly of work and had a lot more to think about.