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The most severe form of MPS I, Hurler syndrome, affects the brain and spinal cord in children, resulting in medical and cognitive challenges that can include developmental delay, progressive mental decline, loss of physical function, impaired language development, airway obstruction, corneal and retinal damage, carpal tunnel syndrome, and restricted joint movement.
Gleeson said back in January that he didn't want to put any extra pressure on himself to live up to his Hurler of the Year status.
Taruc said: In my conversations with doctors, I found that a bone-marrow or cord-blood transplant is the only treatment at the moment that shows promise against the effects of Hurler Syndrome.
Recommendations Wexford to win Leinster SHC 1pt 8-1 Boylesports S Dowling to be Hurler of the Year 0.
Besides Hurler syndrome, Pan said the study will have positive implications in the treatment of many other lysosomal storage diseases, which affect different parts of the body, depending on the specific enzyme deficiency.
At the festival, hurlers from the Portland-based Columbia Red Branch and the Benton Brigade were on hand to give residents a crash course in the game that became a crucial part of Irish history.
I think the expectation that comes with Hurler of the Year, and Young Hurler of the Year, it's an expectation so I think sometimes things can become ingrained in people's minds and attitudes, they say almost in advance, 'I wonder how the weight of Hurler of the Year' will feel.
Canning becomes Galway's first Hurler of the Year since the late Tony Keady in 1988 though it was widely felt that fellow nominees and Waterford teammates Jamie Barron in particular and Kevin Moran had stronger claims.
Having been Young Hurler of the Year in 2008, the 29-year-old becomes just the third player to win both the young and senior player awards after Tony Kelly and Austin Gleeson.
HENRY Shefflin is not the only Kilkenny and Ballyhale hurler to be rewarded with a new car for his exploits.
That's what bugs more than anything and I hope to God that after Sunday's performance, 11 games in-a-row of success, there might be a new breed of Galway hurler coming through, I think.
As in the initial trial of Aldurazyme, patients in the confirmatory trial are expected to represent the full spectrum of severity of MPS-I, including Hurler, Hurler-Scheie, and Scheie syndromes.
The best known and most severe form of MPS I, Hurler syndrome, is a crippling and fatal disease that affects young children.