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a musical instrument that makes music by rotation of a cylinder studded with pegs

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To minimize any risk of damage, paint signatures from both Hurdy Gurdy and Autumn Harbour were obtained using a laser power of less than 0.
Miller-Lopez actually plays the hurdy gurdy, a stringed musical instrument that produces sound by a crank-turned, rosined wheel rubbing against the strings, and he may do so during the concert.
Album index: (A) - from album Catch The Wind(Hickory LPM 123, released 1965)(B) - from album Fairytale(Hickory LPM 127, released 1965)(C) - from album The Real Donovan(Hickory LPM 135, released 1966)(D) - from Sunshine Superman(Epic BN 26217, released 1966)(E) - from Mellow Yellow(Epic LN 24239, released 1966)(F) - from Wear Your Love Like Heaven(Epic BN 26349, released 1967)(G) - from For Little Ones(Epic BN 26350, released 1967)(H) - from A Gift From A Flower To A Garden(Epic B2N 171, released 1967)(I) - from The Hurdy Gurdy Man(Epic BN 26420, released 1968)(J) - from Donovan's Greatest Hits(Epic BN 26439, released 1969)(K) - from Barabajagal(Epic BN 26481, released 1969)(L) - from Open Road(Epic E 30125, released 1970)(M) - from H.
Win's wife Regine swapped the hurdy gurdy and drums for the mic and the tempo dropped to give fans breathing spaces on Haiti.
The six singers, who also play violin, recorders and percussion, will be accompanied by three additional musicians on instruments including cittern, oud, drums and percussion, hurdy gurdy, guitar and cuatro.
Guitarist Dominic Miller and fiddler Kathryn Tickell come along for the sleigh ride, which visits the 14th century carol Gabriel's Message, Henry Purcell's Now Winter Comes Slowly, the Schubert-inspired Hurdy Gurdy Man and Geordie ballad The Snow It Melts The Soonest.
The musicians play hurdy gurdy (a fiddle), jazz bass, guitar, squeeze box.
Misericordia are a four-piece ensemble who use medieval instruments such as hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, gothic harp, citole, recorders and voices.
Medieval England lived alongside the 21st century with demonstrations of the ancient hurdy gurdy musical instrument, a coin maker from the Middle Ages, a carousel and a heavily visited wine tent, offering taster sessions from Halfpenny Green Vineyard.
Regine Chassagne scampered from instrument to instrument, turning her sparkly pink-gloved hands to drums, keyboards, pipe organ and hurdy gurdy, while her impossibly-tall husband Win Butler played guitar and sang his impassioned vocals after begging the crowd to party, telling them: "This isn't f***ing Sunday school.
The filly was disqualified from fourth place and placed last for causing interference to Hurdy Gurdy, who was eventually pulled up.
The 68-year-old, whose hits include hippy anthems Hurdy Gurdy Man and Mellow Yellow, recorded One English Summer in Jamaica.
Concert Lindsay Adler presents ancient traditional to original modern songs, instrumentals on a variety of stringed and other instruments (including hurdy gurdy and bouzouki) and poetry inspired by the variety and dimensions of love, 2-3 p.
Highlights of next May's festival include world and UK premieres, three featured composers and performances by soloists on a wide range of instruments from the euphonium to the hurdy gurdy.
CLEVELAND RETIRED MEN'S ASSOCIATION: Steve Lane will give a talk on The Hurdy Gurdy Man on Wednesday, September 3, at Ayton Drive Community Hall, Redcar.