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a woman hunter

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Cold Moon, the third blistering read in Alexandra Sokoloff's outstanding Huntress Moon series, was released this week.
The waterproof boots feature Mossy Oak camo patterns, and come in two options: the Huntress and Tigress.
Arch Enemy performs with Kreator, Huntress and other bands at 6 p.
Svidensky describes the Mongolian huntress as shy, sweet, and smiling.
Mountainsong Expeditions specializes in backpacking trips on Vermont's Long Trail and canoe trips on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail and offers skill-based classes, such as the Village Medic Training and the Huntress Intensive.
Now her search for her beloved intertwines with that of the dragon god, a seductive huntress haunted by her past, an abused child who in her madness hides her soul in the form of a unicorn, and the witch who cursed Lonely but who paradoxically holds the key to her salvation.
Fortune smiled early on the young huntress when she bagged a green-winged teal and a mallard on her very first hunt.
Rene Circ, director of research, industrial, Property and Portfolio Research (a division of CoStar Group); and Jack Huntress, managing director, residential, Environmental Data Resources.
Though modern Egyptian culture may portray the Arabic for "lioness" as an offensive word often hurled at women, our predecessors believed it to be the symbol of the Pharaonic goddess Sekhmet, whom they depicted as a fierce huntress.
The line up for the weekend of March 14-17 already features the likes of Hatebreed, Enslaved, Destruction, Iron Saviour, Huntress, Napalm Death, M-Pire of Evil, Senser and Evil Scarecrow.
Our boat the Dawn Huntress is kept in Blyth and we can get here in a couple of hours.
Rather than emulating Diana the Huntress, perhaps the British public is seeing a new Kate who is taking after Diana, the Princess of Hearts," she added.
The other complication for the Acquest Development plan is that the company and its CEO, William Huntress, are under a seven-count grand jury indictment alleging conspiracy to defraud, obstruction of justice, making false statements, concealing material facts, criminal contempt and filling a wetland in violation of the Clean Water Act, according to the U.
He is wounded by a bullet after a close encounter with the gun-toting huntress, and on the edge of death is forced to ask for help from Scott, and a reluctant Stiles.
ER nurse and avid huntress Kirstie Pike was spurred to start Prois (Gaelic for "prowess") in early 2008 by "basically not being able to find any performance-driven women's hunting apparel.