hunting knife

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a large sharp knife with a handle shaped to fit the grip

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His house was later searched and a collection of knives, including the hunting knife and three Samurai swords were found.
He pleaded not guilty but admitted the lesser offence of unlawful wounding and a further charges of possession of a hunting knife.
The deadly haul included, more than 100 kitchen knives, a flick knife, a pizza cutter, a hunting knife, a 12-inch dagger, and a small Samurai sword.
A teenager is to face court after allegedly being found with a hunting knife.
THE chief executive of a primary care trust has accepted a police caution for being in possession of an offensive weapon after he told police at Eurostar's Waterloo station yesterday that he had a hunting knife in his suitcase.
Buck Knives introduces two new compact versions of it popular Alpha Dorado hunting knife.
The alligator, named Elvis by locals, was found swimming in his duck pond with a three-inch hunting knife stuck on the side of his head.
Use it to fletch arrows, repair boots or your favorite hunting knife, or use it to fix broken antlers.
Deputies also seized a billy club, dagger, hatchet, a black knit cap with red insignia, hunting knife, a spray can of water repellent and cartoons of Mickey Mouse and Daffy Duck wearing red bandannas.
At the game's start, Turok is armed with a hunting knife and a bow with standard arrows.
His colleague, Rajan Patel, 24, was sliced on his arm and back with a hunting knife.
However, Duffy claimed the blade, a silver hunting knife, was a present he had forgotten about.
Acting Sergeant Chris Little said the injury appeared to have been caused by a sharp implement, possibly a hunting knife.
When word of the assault reached Holcroft, he armed himself with the hunting knife and a pickaxe handle and drove to the party.
AN ABUSED partner stabbed her violent drug dealer boyfriend with the hunting knife he kept under his bed, Teesside Crown Court heard.