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guide to people hunting in unfamiliar territory

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Instructions for how to transfer a DMP carcass tag to another person can be found in your hunting guide.
He now returns regularly to serve as a hunting guide.
Lockerbie advertises his services online and through a nationwide hunting guide called The Stalking Directory.
Hunting guide Brian Huey shares his experience in hunting predators from 6:30 p.
William "Bill" Wingate Sewall, a Maine hunting guide and lumberman skilled in the ways of the wilderness, first met Theodore Roosevelt in 1878, when Roosevelt was an asthmatic city boy from Harvard.
The tradeshow features outdoor product vendors, nonprofit groups, fishing and hunting guide operators and many other offerings.
He and his mother dragged that cow for two hours towards their pickup truck before a local hunting guide happened by on horseback and helped him.
Vernon-Wood was an Englishman who came to Banff about 1906 where he became a hunting guide.
Merle Brandell, 34, a bear hunting guide and manager of a water plant, found the plastic bottle on the shore of Nelson Lagoon, a tiny Alaskan fishing village some 1,735 miles from where it started it journey in Seattle.
A writer, editor, hunting guide, truck driver, weapons specialist, police officer, Vietnam vet and the list goes on and on.
He worked in the copper mines of his home town, served in the US Army, ran a hunting guide service, sold insurance and ran motorcycle dealerships.
Tom, on probation after serving a prison term, went to Canada with a group of men to serve as a hunting guide and didn't return.
Leveraging Plymouth's rich history as an American settlement, senior sales director Mary Swan and her staff have become storytellers instead of sales hawks, waxing poetic (if briefly so) about the state's oldest unpaved road, located on the property or the stage stop once owned and operated by hunting guide Horatio Wright and his tiny (and some say mentally unstable) wife, among other local lore.
Upscale outfitters don't hesitate to shower their clients with royal treatment by covering expenses for meals, lodging and travel and often throw a personal hunting guide into the package.