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After close monitoring of the area, the offenders were found with their hunting dog in good condition even though their vehicle had overturned.
And McMurry--who owns a grand champion retriever, Josie, and her pup, Grits--knows what a good hunting dog looks like.
IT'S A COMMON misconception that because hunting dogs are athletes and typically in good physical condition, they are likely to live and hunt longer than a typical pet of the same breed.
Initially, the Dutch settlers adopted the Khoikhoi hunting dog for their own use, but it was a matter of time before European sporting breeds such as Foxhounds, terriers, Greyhounds and Bloodhounds were brought to Africa and interbred with the Khoikhoi hunting dogs.
Ask your customer what his hunting dog is worth to him," Knutson said.
Ryan Cashmore-Thorley needed 70 stitches after he was mauled by an 11-month-old Weimaraner German hunting dog while playing at a friend's house.
Britt was my first hunting dog, a ball of orange and white energy I bought on a whim for $35 on my way home from college during spring break.
The fictional tale of Kuyam, as written by third-grader Amanda Smith, depicts his journey from dragon spirit to hunting dog to stone dragon.
Myers, All About The Labrador Retriever presents a comprehensive, practical, "reader friendly" perspective on an animal that was bred and developed as a hunting dog.
THE owner of a vicious Japanese hunting dog has vanished after it savaged a two-year-old boy and his 10-year-old sister.
The GPS-based hunting dog tracking product would enable a hunter to track his dog in real time during the hunt, according to Benefon.
He recently took part in a hunting dog test in North Dakota with his German wire-haired pointer.
A five-hour search was conducted at Cairo International Airport, Egypt on Sunday (24 March) after a hunting dog escaped from its plastic cage in the baggage hold of an aircraft.
The two-and-a-half-yearold hunting dog has already scooped a Challenge Certificate for his impeccable turnout.
Behind the pen and the hunting dog who stands sentinel is a nearly obliterated path that leads downhill to the tree.