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a member of a hunting and gathering society

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Caption: Bedtime Hunter-gatherer sleep patterns are tied to temperature, new research shows.
Allow me to support my hunter-gatherer theory with this amazing story comparing city and tribal children from Kwa Zulu, South Africa.
Because they set themselves a start-date of around 15 000 BC, which is just in time for the colonisation of the Americas by egalitarian hunter-gatherer groups, they do not give consideration to the hundreds of thousands, and millions, of years of egalitarian hunter-gatherer groups in the Old World.
However, a rich and detailed ethnographic literature describes hunter-gatherer people and near hunter-gatherer people who have survived into the modern era.
A research team led by the anthropologists Kim Hill of Arizona State University and Robert Walker of the University of Missouri analyzed data on band composition for 32 contemporary hunter-gatherer societies.
The conclusion: "The hunter-gatherer lifestyle is profoundly antidepressant.
They want to uphold the traditional life of the hunter-gatherer, but at the same time they reject marginalization and seek integration into the larger society.
IN REPLY to Kelly Slade's comments about veganism and the harmful effects of meat, traditional hunter-gatherer tribes, such as the Masai, still thrive by eating animals.
Skeletal remains may be analysed--archaeological examination of living sites reveal animal and fish bones; as well, botanical remains of food consumed, further clues can be derived from implements, and cave and rock wall paintings; and more modern hunter-gatherer societies studied over the last century can act as surrogate populations--albeit imperfect ones.
The explanation might date back to humans' hunter-gatherer days, when women were the primary gatherers and would have benefited from an ability to home in on ripe, red fruits," she said.
Speaking this week he claimed that "there was a nomadic hunter-gatherer group living on the Lakes of Killarney up to 1,500 years before the first farmers arrived in the south-west".
A court in December gave the Bushmen, who prefer to be called Basarwa, the right to resume their ancient hunter-gatherer ways in the vast game reserve the government argued was threatened by their presence.
It provides the third, completing volume in a series on the early contact period Inupiaq Eskimos of the region, and covers virtually every subject of importance to anthropological research of a hunter-gatherer society.
Equally revealing is Limited Wants, Unlimited Means, a collection of eye-opening essays about life among hunter-gatherer bands, based on archaeological data and studies of the few remaining hunter-gatherers left today.
TBK Fitness Program' outlines the principles of a healthy, natural hunter-gatherer type diet along with a comprehensive exercise programme with over 60 different exercises.