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But while English-speakers struggle when it comes to describing smells - a finding some believe reflects smell's role as the sensory poor relation - researchers say recent work with the Jahai hunter-gatherer community shows not all humans struggle.
According to the researchers, the crayon and the pebble show them more about how the hunter-gatherers in Stone Age Britain created and used pigment.
Researchers focused on an ancient Natufian hunter-gatherer site in the Jordan Valley of Israel, where excavations have shown a wildly swinging ratio of house mice to wild mice during different prehistoric periods.
The rock art forms a coherent, extensive and high quality record of ritual practices relating to hunter-gather communities in this part of southern Africa over at least two millennia and, eloquently reflects the links between ritual and economic practices of hunter-gatherers in terms of the value of reliable water sources in nurturing communities on a seasonal basis.
Stones, Bones, and Profiles: Exploring Archaeological Context, Early American Hunter-Gatherers, and Bison
And insomnia, which affects up to a third of westerners, affected just two in 100 of the hunter-gatherers.
Many scholars had thought warfare first emerged long after the time of the Nataruk people when humans formed settled communities instead of a nomadic, hunter-gatherer existence.
Hunter-gatherer communities typically resisted settler invasion using guerrilla tactics of raiding and maiming stock, slaying herders isolated out in pastures, and attacking farmsteads, usually at night.
Allow me to support my hunter-gatherer theory with this amazing story comparing city and tribal children from Kwa Zulu, South Africa.
Though evolutionary anthropologist Eric Michael Johnson, writing for Slate, claims to have disproven Ayn Rand's ethics of rational egoism through study of the morals of hunter-gatherer tribes, he misses the mark.
Looking at the changes in hunter-gatherer society as the climate changes, Metin I.
I got my O-level in geography and my hunter-gatherer genes from well before Stone Age times, so perhaps last night's dinner was quite normal.
It's probably too late to turn back the clock, and I'm not suggesting we all revert to hunter-gatherer lifestyles, but we should be looking to find alternatives to industrial agriculture to protect us against changes such as those already happening to the world's climate.
A research team led by the anthropologists Kim Hill of Arizona State University and Robert Walker of the University of Missouri analyzed data on band composition for 32 contemporary hunter-gatherer societies.
Despite the physical demands of modern-day lifestyles being less than it was several generations ago, the physiological and metabolic characteristics of humans in 2011 are still wired to deal with the physical demands of the hunter-gatherer era, where the norm was to have a high level of energy expenditure.