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reflecting the fear or terror of one who is hunted

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The foreign hunter with support of a Pakistani guide and Astore conservation community members hunted the animal in Dashkin community controlled hunting area in Astore on Sunday.
The unique subspecies of mule deer hunted during the Zone A season on this ranch have heavy antlers and are considered by many hunters to be a real trophy.
The vast majority of species hunted are in little if any need of population control.
Even though workers hunted both before and after World War II, the war represented a watershed for the popularity and extent of this outdoor activity for auto men.
Some of the men held districts which had been hunted by their fathers, and presumably their grandfathers.
The first hominids, who evolved around 5 million years ago, may often have hunted small game in a chimplike manner, Stanford suggests.
Because game hunted at resorts is pen-reared and released, it is subject to different regulation than the same species living in the wild.
The latest title in the best-selling Cabela's franchise provides players with a hunt or be hunted experience, where they stalk or get stalked by prey through detailed surroundings enveloped by such natural boundaries as canyons, mountains, dense forest and lakes.