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Synonyms for hunky-dory

being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition

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But I'm assured everything is hunky-dory now and the band will perform.
I hate to disillusion the poor woman but actually things didn't turn out all that hunky-dory for Romeo and Juliet.
So, if the situation is so hunky-dory, why is the county left pleading for more cash.
Today, however, every thing is just hunky-dory, as the SMH is trading up more than three percent.
Hodgson said: "I can't sit here and say everything is hunky-dory for us, because we didn't do as well in the two as we would have liked.
Until that final Test is over, there's no point in being too hunky-dory and friendly with the opposition; our task is to go out there and beat them.
It went to things like subsidies, which is why everything looked hunky-dory.
In addition, the whole world is waiting for him to transform the US economy, restore world confidence, energise the markets and make everything hunky-dory worldwide.
I'M often the first to howl that everything ain't all hunky-dory about the Assembly.
These problems are caused by our Government not doing its research properly and basically sticking its head in the sand, pretending we don't have a problem and that everything is hunky-dory when in fact it is a big mess for everyone concerned.
Clare, himself an accomplished footballer, withdrew his assessment in a subsequent interview, after further study, and all is hunky-dory again, which is just as well as that very week Coral signed a deal to be Fulham's online bookmaker.
Was there anyone who saw before 9/11 that things were really not so hunky-dory at Freeh's FBI?
Given the choice - and it's not an ideal choice, because I'd rather it was all hunky-dory - I'd rather people have a slightly incorrect view of me and keep that part that is personal to myself, instead of trying to convince people that there's this other side of me that is well-adjusted and everything.
The man, in his 30s, said: "She agreed it was not all hunky-dory but she loved him.
But everything is hunky-dory for Blues chief Chris Hughton as his rampant Blues jumped into the play-off zone.