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Synonyms for hunky-dory

being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition

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It seems painfully clear the answer is that the situation is far from hunky-dory and it's a very sad day when, despite assurances given about education, Warwickshire County Council is going to have to rely purely on people power to prompt a better deal for youngsters.
Today, however, every thing is just hunky-dory, as the SMH is trading up more than three percent.
Oh well, we'll never really know the true figure but whatever it is at least he's earned it because, as we can all see, everything is just hunky-dory in the Middle East.
These problems are caused by our Government not doing its research properly and basically sticking its head in the sand, pretending we don't have a problem and that everything is hunky-dory when in fact it is a big mess for everyone concerned.
Clare, himself an accomplished footballer, withdrew his assessment in a subsequent interview, after further study, and all is hunky-dory again, which is just as well as that very week Coral signed a deal to be Fulham's online bookmaker.
Given the choice - and it's not an ideal choice, because I'd rather it was all hunky-dory - I'd rather people have a slightly incorrect view of me and keep that part that is personal to myself, instead of trying to convince people that there's this other side of me that is well-adjusted and everything.
Things are not going to be all hunky-dory down here.
But this won't be like flicking a switch and everything will be hunky-dory.
But all is not hunky-dory, since he's haunted by his past and still trying to find peace.
But everything is hunky-dory for Blues chief Chris Hughton as his rampant Blues jumped into the play-off zone.
Of course, everything should be hunky-dory and above board, or we'd start losing faith in the game, wouldn't we?
And everything would be just hunky-dory, they say, if it wasn't for Gov.
With O'Gorman junior's help, the Emperor Jones filly passed a stalls test a month ago and everything was hunky-dory when Janet won a 10-furlong maiden easing down at Windsor a fortnight ago.
Confidential understands that relations between Bolton boss Sam Allardyce and Phil Gartside have not exactly been hunky-dory recently.
Louis got a steal when it traded for Scott Rolen, but since the third baseman joined the Cardinals July 30, all hasn't been hunky-dory.